Fabulous Finds and Fashions-Walmart Christmas Haul

Hello everyone!  I am giving you a wonderful set of Christmas clothes that I recently purchased from Walmart.  Now, I needed these clothes (like I have no Christmassy clothes).  So, why not share with you!


Number 1: The super cute ugly sweater.  It’s actually a sweatshirt, but I needed a ugly sweater for a jewelry party.  I thought this one was so cute with the little penguins on it!  Like, I might actually wear this more than once.  And it was only $8!


Number 2: These cute fleece leggings!  Now, I bought them to wear under my jeans for work because it is freezing cold when you have wet dogs rubbing against you legs.  But, I might wear them outside of work with some cute clothes…..These were only $8 as well!


Number 3: The awesome Rudolph shirt!  I saw it, and had to buy it.  And, I don’t have any casual Christmas wear. So, this shirt was added into my cart and was brought home with me!  And, it was yet again $8!  What is up with Walmart and having things for $8?

Either way, these are my new Christmas clothes!  Hopefully I can wear them and get my 8 dollars worth!


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