Papering the Wall with Barnwood Wallpaper

Good Monday morning! I hope everyone is safe after some of the storms going on lately! We have had beautiful weather and now it is raining again. Not that I am complaining-we need it and this will probably be the last big storm. We won’t get much of a spring and will go right into summer. Are you ready?

Have any of you tried out the new removable wallpaper? I found this at Walmart and thought I would give it a try. This is not like the old glue wallpaper, thank goodness! I have scraped enough of that stuff off to last a lifetime! This is more like contact paper. It has a back that peels off and you stick it to your wall or whatever else you want to use it for. If it goes on crooked, just peel and re-stick!

barn wood wallpaper room mate

Here is the one I got and another similar one with turquoise in it. Love!!


I wanted to paper one of the walls in the front living room. The barn door/window is on that wall, so I really can’t put anything else there. This really added a lot of character. I have even had a couple of people think we actually put wood up! It looks so great!

It took 2 of us to put it up, well 3, if you count Rozy. Haley would start of the top and I would hold the rest of it to make sure it lined up and slowly peel off the paper backing. We used rulers to make sure all the bubbles were out and the paper was smooth.

barn wood wallpaper application

The top and bottom were trimmed with a razor blade. That really was it! It went up really easy and it has stayed up! I really love how it looks!

barn wood wallpaper rulerbarn wood wallpaper trim razorblade

This is where the barn door/window slides over it. I love that you can see it through the window. It really reminds me of an old farmhouse or beach-house.

barnwood removable wallpaper with barn door

Looking towards the front door that I painted turquoise, my favorite go-to color. See the little white thing on the carper? That’s Munchy’s ice-cube she didn’t finish. 🙂

barnwood removable wallpaperbarn wood wallpaperbarn wood wallpaper hydrangeas in basketbarn wood wallpaper full wall

I’m so excited how this room is turning out! It feels so light and fresh!

barn wood wallpaper hydrangeas and wicker table

I hope you all have a wonderful week!




8 thoughts on “Papering the Wall with Barnwood Wallpaper

    • homeonthecornerblog says:

      It costs about $30.00 per roll and I used two rolls. The wall is 8 foot tall and each roll is 20.5 inches wide. I love how it turned out and it was pretty easy! I would love to see what you do in your bedroom!


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