Acacia Haze

I’m back today with Sherwin-Williams Color of the Month. For February, it is Acacia Haze. This one has a greyish-greenish tone to it. Sherwin-Williams says, “Blurring the line between pastel and neutral, Acacia Haze calms and soothes like a gentle whisper. It’s an ideal color for bedrooms, reading nooks and other cherished retreats.”


Here are a couple of accents colors Sherwin-Williams chose to go with Acacia Haze. I really like the Rojo Dust. It’s so pretty!


It coordinates well with these other gray tones.

Image result for acacia haze

I like it in the picture below. It looks great with the farmhouse looks, but works well with other styles too.

Image result for acacia haze

Here you can see the green tone in it. I would think the color would depend on the light in the room and the other colors you put it with.

Image result for acacia haze

What do you think? Would you use this in a room in your house? What style do you think it you look great with? Hope you have a great week!




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