Cocktail Round Up

Hello!  I hope everyone is doing good on this lovely Friday.  Is everyone ready for the weekend?

Now, what is one thing that people like to do on the weekends?  If you answered have drinks, you are correct!  But sometimes you just don’t want to go out of the house to have some drinks.  So I have hooked you up!  I have compiled a list of drinks that are easy to make at home.

So enjoy!


It was a dark and stormy night and it was perfect for a Dark and Stormy Cocktail.  Head over to Chew Town to find the recipe for this mysterious cocktail.


This Lemon and Sage Moscow Mule from Sugar and Charm looks perfect for summer.  I know summer is just about over, but you can still enjoy a nice cocktail.

black magic.jpg

Halloween is just around the corner and this cocktail is perfect for the occasion.  Head over to Elle Talk to see how to make is dark drink.


Look how pretty this Lavender Lemonade Prosecco cocktail is!  I love the color of it.  Now if I can follow Happiness is Homemade‘s recipe, we should be good to go!


This drink looks perfect for the fall.  This Blackberry Bramble Cocktail from Feasting at Home looks great for any fall afternoon.


We are going from fall to summer with the White Sangria with Mangoes and Berries Cocktail.  How refreshing do this look?  Head over to Downshiftology to see how to make this delicious drink.


This drink may want to make you sing as it has been named the Aca-Spritzer Smash.   Lovely Indeed made this drink for Pitch Perfect 3, let’s hope it’s a hit!


Here’s another summery drink ready for you!  Head over to The Speckled Palate to find the recipe for this Peach Moscow Mule.

Campari Ipa Sprtizer

This Campari IPA Sprtizer is made with only 3 ingredients!  Head over to the Kitchn to find how easy this recipe actually is.


How about a nice Frozen Jungle Bird Cocktail?  Check out Serious Eats for the recipe for this yummy drink!




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