Christmas Home Tour

Good morning! Only a little over a week and it’s Christmas! It is coming so fast, but I am enjoying all the special moments! I think I am ready and am looking forward to spending time with family and friends.

I realized I hadn’t shown you much of my home decorated for Christmas, so I thought I would give you a little tour today along with a little story.

Christmas entryway wrapped gifts fur throw

Many year ago, when I was 6 years old, I was going to be an angel in the Christmas program at church.

Christmas Entryway terranium lights

Christmas entryway stockings

I was excited to wear the white gown, the wings and the sparkly halo. I was going to be in front of the whole church along with 5 other little angels.

Christmas entryway small houses with lightsCHristmas entryway Merry Christmas sign

A week or so before the program, my parents went out for the evening and my older sister was babysitting. Well, as siblings will do, my older sister wanted me to do something I didn’t want to do…go to bed!

christmas living room christmas treechristmas living room fairy light and lanterns

I held on to the cupboard knob under the sink while she tried to pull me to the bedroom. It was quite the tug-of-war and in the end, I came out with a broken pinkie finger!

christmas living room fireplace and mantle

christmas Living room Flocked Tree Ornaments

This was quite traumatic for me! How could I be an angel on stage with a splint on my finger?! I just couldn’t do it!

Christmas Living Room Ombre' Trees mantlechristmas living room vintage ornament tree

My mom and dad tried talking me into still going on stage, my teacher talked to me too, but I just wouldn’t do it!  Finally my mom offered me a bribe.

Christmas living room vintage pink ornamentIMG_9198

She told me I could open a Christmas present early if I would still go up on stage. That did it! What six year old doesn’t want to open a present early?! I finally went on stage on performance night and hid my splint under my fancy angel sleeve.

Christmas Living room christmas tree pillow

And you know what? I have no idea what the present was that I opened! I’m sure it was something special at the time, but I don’t remember it now. I don’t know why I was being so stubborn, but I’m sure glad my mom figured out a way to get me to go on stage!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and many happy memories with your family and friends! Thank you for stopping by today!



It’s a New House!

Hey everyone! With finals coming up for me (Lauren) and mom and dad officially moving this weekend, I thought it would be time to show off the small  house tour that we recorded.  The house already looks quite different which we will show in future blog posts, but here is the house how we bought it!

Hope that you enjoyed our home tour.  It will look so good when we finally get everything finished.  I can’t wait to get everything moved in!


Living Room and Dining Room Fall Tour

Hooray! Today is my first Fall Home Tour! I’m really excited to be able to show you around. My house is very small, but I took a ton of pictures, so grab something yummy and have fun!

The first stop is right inside the front door. I don’t have an entry way, so just come on in! 2015 Home Tour Fall Living Room

I did set out a couple mugs and a pitcher, just in case you decide to stay awhile.

2015 Home Tour Fall Ottoman and Tray

I finally painted the walls this summer! It’s always feel so fresh and clean afterwards. But I didn’t have anything hanging on the walls, until now. I put this up for the pictures, but I will be painting the frame with some chalk paint very soon.

2015 Home Tour Fall Living Room Couch

2015 Home Tour Fall Living Room Wall Art

This is my chair. I love this chair! It is called a chair and a half and it was the perfect size for my girls and I to sit and read books together when they were little. Now it’s the perfect size for my dogs and I to snuggle together!

2015 Home Tour Fall Chair and a Half

2015 Home Tour Fall Chair Pillow, Blanket

I added some fall touches to the corner table. I still have some of my beachy decor, but a pumpkin and acorn bring a little more autumn feel.

2015 Home Tour Living Room Corner Table

2015 Home Tour Fall Corner Table Pumpkins, Acorn

2015 Home Tour Fall Glittery Pumpkin

I really would like to replace this table. I sort of have something in the works, but it just isn’t coming together the way I want, so this is it for now.

2015 Home Tour Fall Wicker Table and Lamp

2015 Home Tour Fall Wicker Table Starfish, Candleholder

I showed you the dresser turned t.v. stand a little while ago. I added another pumpkin, an owl and some pinecones in the glass candle holder.

2015 Home Tour Fall TV stand

2015 Home Tour Fall Pinecones, Owl

This little table is on the wall that leads into the dining room. The living room and dining room are basically one room. I have another plan for this wall that I am working on. It will be here soon. I am soooo excited! It is something I have wanted for a very long time!

2015 Home Tour Fall Metal Table Pumpkins, Subway Art

2015 Home Tour Fall Table Pumpkins

I painted these pumpkins as part of a makeover. It took awhile to come up with ideas, but I really like how they turned out!

2015 Home Tour Fall Harvest Time Sign

My dining room is all dressed up and ready for fall!

2015 Home Tour Fall Dining Room

I really love the built-in hutch, but it is really dark. All the trim in my house used to be this color. A couple of years ago, Haley helped me paint all the trim in the living room and dining room, but we ran out of energy to paint the hutch. Maybe some day!

2015 Home Tour Fall Dining Room Table and Hutch

This corner is one of my favorite little places. I love the old ladder the blankets are on, the wagon, which was mine growing up, the lanterns, the baby scale, everything!

2015 Home Tour Fall Dining Room Bar

2015 Home Tour Dining Room Wagon

I have my old ice cream maker bucket and a few beachy items on the hutch.

2015 Home Tour Dining Room Turquoise Bucket Fishing Floats

These are a few of the dishes and other goodies I have inside.

2015 Home Tour Hutch Cupboard 1

2015 Home Tour Dining Room Hutch 2

Lauren and I made this cute little stool from an ugly bench. Come see how we did it!

2015 Home Tour Wooden Box Makeover

I really like how my tablescape turned out this year. Each year is a little different. I will be posting more about the table in the next post.

2015 Home Tour Fall Tablescape

Here is where I do my blogging. Boy, is this spot hard to keep clean! I always have so many papers around and notes and such. I added a few things to help keep it organized.

2015 Home Tour Fall Desk

2015 Home Tour Desk Organization

I painted these shelves this summer too. I first painted them a darker grey and then dry brushed lighter grey over the top. New brackets were added too. I really like the neutral look of these and how it looks in the room. I added many of my favorite things to these shelves.

2015 Home Tour Fall Open Bookshelves

2015 Home Tour Fall Open Shelving Dauchshund, S, Acorns

2015 Home Tour Fall Open Shelving PIncher, Bird, Candlesticks

2015 Home Tour Fall Open Shelving Dog, Thanks to the Lord

2015 Home Tour Fall Open Shelving Subway Art Printable, Owl

See my little googly-eyed rock. He’s my prayer rock. I made him this summer with the kids in my preschool. It’s a great reminder every day, that God is my Rock!

2015 Home Tour Fall Open Bookshelves Galvanized Bucket, Fishing Floats

I know this post was a little long, but I hope you enjoyed the tour! It was a lot of work to get everything together, but I loved how everything turned out and now I am ready for the whole fall season. I will be writing about my tablescape in the next post, so come back for a visit!

Sunshine and Blessings