Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone!¬† It’s 2020!!

I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve, whether you partied or stayed home for a nice quiet evening. When the kids were younger, we would always have other families over and eat pizza and play games. We always had a great time with lots of good memories! But now, it’s just us. So a quiet evening is perfect for us now.

The day before Thanksgiving, I had an accident at work and shattered my index finger on my right hand. So now I am waiting to have surgery. That means I won’t be able to blog for a little while. Lauren will still be here and maybe I can convince her to post a bit for me too. ūüôā Anyways, I just wanted you all to know where I will be! I can’t wait until I get the surgery over with and be back here with you all! I will try to keep you updated!

Since it’s the new year, I know a lot of us are looking for ways to get organized. I know I am! So I found a few ideas around the internet!

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.
  1. I think this idea is brilliant for an attic! We have a small attic and I would love to get all the boxes set up like this! There are even printable storage labels.

20 DIY Storage Shed Organization Ideas That Will Amaze You 35

2. I wish my garage looked like this! I do have most of my stuff on shelves and in totes, but I really like the idea of clear totes so you can see what’s inside. Also the large labels are great! Head over to Instagram to see how she did it!

3. My cabinet under the sink isn’t this full, but we are thinking of putting in an under the sink pull-out trash can, so I may need to do some reorganizing.¬† Head over to by lauren m to see what she used to get organized.under the sink kitchen diy organization - dollar tree diy organization tips! You're going to love this kitchen organization before and after! Spend $5 and completely revamp your under sink cabinets! | bylaurenm.com

4. These bins are a great idea for any cabinet or closet. And the best part is, they come from the Dollar Tree! Check out the other ways to organize from Dollar Tree too!

5. This is a great way to store wrapping paper! Just hang it behind a door or in a closet! You could use the extra slots for storing tissue paper, bows, scissors, tape and other supplies. I’m not sure of the original source for this one, but there are other great ideas on Buzzfeed.Dollar Store Organizing: Cut the bottoms of shoe organizer pockets to hold wrapping paper.

6. Here are more ideas for a shoe organizer. These could be used all over the house! I have one in my hall closet for gloves, hats and scarves. Here is the link for the Barbie Organizer  and the stuffed toy organizer,

7. This is brilliant! Why didn’t I think of this! It’s so much easier to get games or other boxed items out of this than when they are in a big and tall pile! Visit here for more ideas.board-game-storage

8. Tax time will be here soon, so it’s time to get your papers in order. See how Home Made by Carmona set up her files.Improve your productivity and stay focused on your work by using these 11 desk organization hacks to organize your desk! Get rid of clutter and make your desk stand out!

9. How are your craft supplies looking? Sometimes, mine are in pretty good shape. Sometimes…not so much. Again, clear containers help to see what you already have and what you need to stock up on.

Organizing Craft Supplies - So Much Better With Age

10.¬† I couldn’t forget our pets!¬† Finding a place to store leashes, clothes, and collars can sometime be a challenge. The Well Groomed Home has some great ideas!


I hope this gives you some inspiration for getting organized this year! Have a wonderful 2020!


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This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Click the photo below to be taken directly to Dollar Tree’s website and see what they have to organize your home.

New Apartment, New Stuff

Hello everyone!  Welcome to another blog to show you where I live and what I have done with decorating.

So, I wanted to show off the living room and kitchen in my new apartment.  It is a lot smaller than the apartment before, but it is still very nice and cozy.

Living Room Full View

Okay, let me start off by saying that the chair is probably not staying there. ¬†My roommate Mariah’s brothers brought the couch and chair and we aren’t sure what we are doing with the chair. ¬†But, besides that, this is the living room. ¬†This is the view from the kitchen with the front door in the background. ¬†We have a sliding glass door that is behind the chair that looks out onto our porch. ¬†We have the couch, the loveseat, the possible chair, a bookshelf and a TV stand.

Living Room TV

Here’s the bookshelf and the TV stand. ¬†The TV stand was here when I moved in, but I brought the bookshelf and my roommate Bailey helped to decorate it.

Living Room Bookshelf

The bookshelf is super cute! ¬†I covered the back with wrapping paper to add more design to the shelf. ¬†Some of the stuff is mine, where some was the other stuff was the other girls’.


And here is the kitchen. ¬†It’s so much smaller than the last kitchen, but it’s not bad because there’s less to clean. ¬†It’s just a skinny kitchen. ¬†Nothing too special. ¬†But one of my favorite things about it is the oven.

Oven View

I love the sign and the pot on the oven. ¬†Even though it is a misleading jar, it still looks cool on the oven. ¬†It also complements the small sugar jar on the counter next to the oven. ¬†And the sign…I don’t drink that much alcohol, but it is a cute sign.

So that’s the new living space in the apartment. ¬†It’s super cute and cozy! ¬†Even though it isn’t close to being completed, it is still really nice to have a living space. ¬†Oh, and if you’re wondering if I’m changing the cushions on the loveseat, I have fabric to make a cover for it.


Pallet Project Update-Kitchen Plate Rack

pallet farmers market collage

I’m finally back with a project today!! I’m sure you are all thrilled! ūüôā

Steve cut out this pallet rack for me several years ago, so I don’t have a tutorial for that part, but you can find them on Pinterest. Lauren, a friend and I did some craft shows a few years ago, and I had made pallet racks to hold books. This one had never sold and had been just waiting for me to come up with a project for it. Finally inspiration struck!

Pallet plate, platter holder update

I spray painted black over the letters first.

pallet plate and platter holder update black

While it was drying, I picked out the phrase I wanted to put on it and found the fonts and size on Microsoft Word. I printed them out and then cut them down to make them easier to work with.

pallet plate and platter holder update lettering

To transfer the lettering to the wood, I rub pencil on the back of the paper. Then I turn the paper over, place it where I want it to go and trace the letters. When you are done, there should be a faint outline of the words. You can see how I did this for another sign too.

jpallet plate and platter holder update farmers market

Once my tracing was on the board, I painted it in with white chalk paint. I used a really stiff brush to fill in each letter. After it was dry, I sanded it down a bit to look more worn. The last step was to go over it with a clear varnish. I knew I was going to hang it in the kitchen, so it needed to be protected.

(please don’t look too hard at the kitchen, ugh! It really needs a make-over. BADLY!!!)

So here it is hanging over the stove. The perfect place to store some platters, plates, and cutting boards.

pallet plate and platter holder update in the kitchen

pallet farmers platter and plate holder

pallet market plate holder

pallet farmers market kitchen plate holder

After looking at the pictures, I realized it was kind of bare on the wall above it. I was roaming through my local Goodwill and found this little cow head. Perfect! Her name is Amelia. She is a little small for the space, so I mounted her on some old boards we had. I didn’t even know I had the one with writing on it. Love it!

pallet rack and amelia

amelia the cow

pallet amelia the cow lettering

I am on the lookout for a little wreath to go around her neck. Or maybe a cowbell! Have a wonderful day!

Sunshine and Blessings


Okay, I know it’s the first day of February and we are not in January anymore, but I am still doing some organizing around the house.

organize spices title pictures

My spices have been driving me crazy! I had them all on a lazy susan, but I still could only find the spices that were on the outside. Then I tried lining them up, but since I couldn’t see them all, it ended up being a jumbled mess.

spice organizer cabinet of spices

I had seen different ideas all over the internet, but they didn’t work out with my kitchen. I only have about 5 feet of counter on one side and 4 feet on the other, plus a microwave and a dish drainer take up some of that space. I only have 5 drawers in my kitchen, so I couldn’t use up one of them for the spices. I finally found these on Amazon. I am not affiliated with Amazon, but I love these. Here is the link if you want to order some. I ordered 2 sets to make sure I would have enough for all the jars.

Spice organizer

Each rack holds 4 jars. There is sticky tape on the back plus a tiny screw to hold it on the door. I started out by figuring out where to line them up so the jars wouldn’t hit the shelf inside the cupboard when the door closed. I placed small jars in one row and then larger ones in the other row. This way there could be 2 rows and they would fit between the shelves.

spice organizer measuring

Once I figured out how far apart they needed to be I stuck them on using the tape.  I did end up putting the tiny screws on the end, especially for the racks holding the larger bottles.

spice organizer full of jars

My summer goal is to paint these cupboards, so I will have to take these down and hopefully they will stick again. The directions say to use heat to loosen the glue. I will probably try a blow dryer and see if that works.

organize spices on the door side view

So far, I love these! It’s so much easier to find the spice I need plus it cleared up space in my cupboard. A win/win! Have you been doing your January/February organizing and clean-up? I love to hear what you have been doing!

Sunshine and Blessings