Parisian Style Brass Coffee Table From Chairish

Parisian Coffee Table


Hello everyone!  I hope you all have had a great week and are ready to take on the weekend.  Maybe it’s time for a change around your houses and you are redecorating, so hopefully this will give you some ideas!
You may remember that we did a post for Chairish showing how we would style an armoire.
It was so much fun to put together and imagine what it could look like! If you don’t remember, click here to read that post.  Well,  we were asked to do another post, so of course we said yes!

This time we worked with a coffee table.  We found this trunk that could function as a coffee table, and we loved it.  It is a brassy color which would work really well when it comes to decorating. This could add some sparkle to your room!


But what do you put on your coffee table to make it look nice, but also be functional?  I mean, your table could be your centerpiece of your living room, so why not make it look amazing!  One of the first things I do is decide the theme.  And, I love anything Parisian (this is a common known fact on this blog), so I went with a French theme.  I started with this bowl from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I love the look of the bowl, and it can be filled with many different things.  I decided that I would put pink and white beads in the bottom of the bowl and silk flowers to add some accents.  Bowls can be filled with whatever you like, so it is up to you! Trays would be a good choice too. Trays can hold lots of things, but keep them contained and looking neat.
The next thing that I went with was some boxes to hold items in.  This can be important when it comes to holding the precious TV remotes and maybe even some coasters.  The boxes that I found are actually jewelry boxes. They have interchangeable bottoms so you can change them with your theme or color scheme. How cool is that! This works perfectly to hold the Fleur de Lis coasters and make sure they don’t all get separated.
And finally, I added an Eiffel Tower statue.  This piece is to help add some height and interest to your decor, but it’s not too tall to get in the way.  I also added a pink candle to make your room smell nice.  This is important because your table will have decorations, but it won’t be too busy and take away from the beauty of the table.

eiffel tower

Here is the style board again just to remind you how beautiful it is!
Just a couple more tips-use odd numbers when displaying things on tables and use varying heights. This add more interest and is pleasing to the eye. But most of all, have fun with it! Keep playing with it until it pleases you. It’s your own design!
 Parisian Coffee Table
I hope you enjoyed reading about my coffee table that I designed.  If you want to check out any of the items that I put on this blog, click on the link by their pictures.  We are so happy to have the opportunity to work with Chairish again! Be sure to check out their website and tell them we said ‘Hello!’

Vintage Armoire

Vintage Armoire


 Hey everyone! I am so excited about this post today! A few weeks ago, we were invited by the online company Chairish and asked to pick one of the armoires and create a style board making it into a storage piece for whatever we wanted-toys, crafts, ect. Chairish is an exclusive curator approved, online marketplace for vintage furniture. If you have time, please go and take a look at some of their pieces. They are gorgeous!”

Lauren and I had fun looking at all the different designs they had. What a selection! But we finally narrowed it down to this American Drew White Wood Ornate Armoire.  We thought this could be used in any room. We decided to use it as a vanity and storage for make-up, jewelry, scarves and other accessories.

Wouldn’t this look amazing!

   Since we are using this for a makeup vanity, we wanted to put a mirror in the back to cover up the hole. I gave Lauren a few choices from Joss and Main, and this is the one she picked. Isn’t it a beauty?
Flower Capiz Wall Mirror
We also added a chair because you have to sit down when you are doing your make up right?  We found this really pretty white and cherry chair from Joss and Main.  Isn’t it cute!
Now on to the jewelry. We wanted to be able to see what we had, but be able to have it organized and pretty. We choose a few different things. We picked an over the door organizer for the longer items and a drawer organizer for earrings.
We loved this metal tiered organizer for all the nail polish and lipsticks. It even holds emery boards.
 Kylie Cosmetic Organizer
 Kylie Cosmetic Organizer
 We also spotted these baskets at Bed, Bath and Beyond and thought they could be used for all sorts of organizing, plus they look pretty.
 This organizer from Joss and Main would be perfect for storing all those pretty scarves you have in your collection.  It could also be used for socks, belts or other small items.
 Drawer Organizer
 We also found some different beauty items to round out the collection. These all come from Ulta.
Only at ULTA! Lorac Nude Necessities Eye Shadow Palette is a limited edition sleek & sexy, metallized eye shadow palette that contains 12 silky, nude-toned eye shadows. A $100 Value!:          Only at ULTA! Lorac Nude Necessities Eye Shadow Palette is a limited edition sleek & sexy, metallized eye shadow palette that contains 12 silky, nude-toned eye shadows. A $100 Value!:      LoracNude Necessities Eye Shadow Palette
 So what do you think? What would you use an armoire for? I would love to have one someday, but I am not sure I could decide how to use it!

Nail polish

Nail polish

Nail polish

LORAC eyeshadow

Jewelry organizer

LaMont bath accessory

Beauty product

Home decor

Cherry furniture

Drawer Organizer