A Project That Has Taken Almost A Year

So, a small disclaimer that this project is yet to be completed.  But, I will show you what I have completed so far, and tell you what I plan on doing with it.  Hopefully I can get this project done in the near future.

This project started from an idea that I found while exploring the wonders of the internet.  I had Googled a term that I search very often when I am bored: ‘recycled outfits’.
I like to see what other people have created and try to see if there is a possibility of me trying to create my own.

And while on one of my Google searches, I found my newest project.  People have created dresses with cupcake liners.  And they look amazing!

So, I took up the challenge to create my own version.

I had some white fabric that I had left over from other projects that I used as a simple long skirt.  I plan on attaching a top for a dress, but this is just a small portion of what the skirt looks like so far.

full skirt

The cupcake liners have all been cut in half to help make the skirt have a scale like look.  And each and every cupcake liner has been hot glued to the fabric to give it this look.  They still have some maneuverability, but for the most part, the skirt is pretty stiff.


I am really excited to see how the whole dress turns out.

Now, this isn’t the first dress that I have recycled.  My senior year in high school I made a jean dress for a 4-H recycled project.  I used 26 pairs of jeans that I purchased from thrift stores and made this beautiful dress.  I love the ombre look of the skirt, which is good since the dress weighs 10 pounds!

jean dress edit

So these are some of my recycled outfits.  I love to see what I can come up with and see how the dress turns out.  I can’t wait to see how the final product turns out and I can’t wait to show you as well!


Bedframe Plus Desk Equals Bench

Hello! We have a guest post today! My daughter, Haley! She made this awesome bench from some random furniture pieces, so I am going to ask her a few questions (this was the only way I could get her to participate!).

What gave you the idea to make this?

Haley-I saw the bedframe on the side of the road and thought the shape of it was pretty. I picked it up, but It sat for awhile, while I thought about what to do with it. I saw on Pinterest where someone used a tailgate from a truck for a bench, and then I remembered the bedframe and thought maybe I could do something with it.

Bed footboard

Bed footboard

What pieces did you use to make it?

H-I used the footboard, which I placed upside down, for the back.  The outside edges of the headboard were used for the arms. A desk was used for the seat. I used other pieces of wood for the supports.

Sides of the headboard

Sides of the headboard

How did you start?

H-I started with cutting the headboard apart and screwed each side onto the footboard for arms. I took the legs off of the desk. I used boards across to give it support. Then added the desk on top. It wasn’t quite long enough, so we used the supports to help it stay.

Coming together!

Coming together!

Desk before

Desk before

Desk after

Desk after

bed to bench 10

screwing it together

wood slats underneath

wood slats underneath

What tools did you use?

H-I (with the help of my dad) used a drill, a counter-sink drill bit, 2″ screws to mount the supports to the legs, a radial arm saw and a skill saw.

Did you have any issues or problems when making it?

H-We used too short of screws the first time, and the wood split when I sat on it! We then added longer screws and now it works well. The legs ended up being kind of long and the bench is pretty high. I’m tall so it works for me, but some of my friends may have problems sitting on it!

It's finished!

It’s finished!

How did you decide what color to use? And what did you use?

bed turnd bench

Grey and turquoise

H-I am redoing my room grey and turquoise, so this was my inspiration! I used 4 cans of Granite Rustoleum spray paint and the drawers are Lagoon Rustoleum. I also added new knobs.

bed turned bench 2

Great for storage too!

bed turned bench 4

A cozy spot

Thanks Haley! The bench turned out great! It looks nice right underneath the window in the bedroom. I love it when my girls get creative too! Have you used old furniture and made it new again? I would love to see your projects! I hope you all have a great week!

Sunshine and Blessings

How To Make Pull Tab Bracelets

Did you ever do this when you were younger?  Pull the tab off of a soda can for no good reason.  Honestly, the only reason these tabs exist is because they open the soda cans. Well…maybe they exist for other reasons as well. If you drink soda or energy drinks or really anything that comes in a can, you know that they have a tab that helps to open the drink.  If you drink Monster energy drinks, and take the tabs off, you can send them in and get Monster gear in return. But for me, I like to craft things! Some of you may have seen celebrities wearing these bracelets or maybe even seen these in stores like Michaels.  And I tried making them…and had issues.  My biggest issue was the elastic used to hook the tabs together.  I couldn’t get it to stay tied or the hot glue wouldn’t stick.  So…I tried something new. I bought paracord to use on the bracelets.  Because it is stronger than the elastic, I thought that would be better for the bracelets.  The only problem with this was the the paracord stretched out, causing the bracelets to be stretched and not look good. So…I thought that I would try something else. That’s when I bought 5 millimeter buckles to put on the ends.  And, now I am going to tell you how to make these bracelets. pull tab bracelet 1.  Measure your wrist and determine how much cord you will need.  I have an eight inch wrist and I cut my string 24 inches.  I laid the cord out to twelve inches then doubled it, so that I have some extra cord to work with. pull tab bracelet 2. Make a slip knot on one end of the buckle.  It doesn’t really matter which end of the buckle, you just need to have one end secured. pull tab bracelet 3. Next, you take the first tab and put one string in the top hole and one in the bottom.  So the strings will be going down from the top of the tab.  See the picture to understand. pull tab bracelet 4.  Take another tab and put the back of the tabs together.  You will now take the string and put it through the holes of both tabs.  This will keep the tabs attached and not fall apart.  You will repeat this process until you make a bracelet long enough to fit your wrist. pull tab bracelet pull tab bracelet 5.  When your bracelet is long enough, you will be able to attach the other end of the buckle.  All I do is thread the string through the buckle and tie a knot under the buckle.  If you want to hot glue the knot to make sure that it doesn’t come undone, feel free to. And then the bracelet ends up like this!

Thanks to my roommate Hannah for being my hand/arm model.

Thanks to my roommate Hannah for being my hand/arm model.

Now, I have also made bracelets with energy drink tabs.  These are a little harder because there is only one hole in these tabs.  So here are the steps for this bracelet. 1. Repeat steps 1 and 2. pull tab bracelet 2. Instead of starting like the original bracelet, have the tab upside down and thread the string up. pull tab braclet pull tab braclet 3. Take your energy drink pull tab, I’m using Monster, and put the back of it to the back of the tab.  Put both strings through the single hole on the tab and then back through the two holes in the soda tab.  This will secure the tabs together. 4. Repeat the final steps and have yourself a bracelet!

Thanks again Hannah for being my model!

Thanks again Hannah for being my model!

These are cute bracelet that are easy to make.  And now, you have something to use your old soda tabs on that you have been collecting.  Now if only I could find something for bottle caps… sparkle

The Great Reveal-Ugly April Makeover Challenge

The day has come!! The great Ugly April Makeover Reveal! I’m so excited to show you all how this poor ugly stool turned into something lovely! I think it turned out great! So first of all, the before…

Ugly April Makeover-homeonthecorner

Ugly, ugly, ugly!

So without further ado…Tada!!

Ugly April Makeover-homeonthecorner.com


What do you think? I actually came up with the idea at about 10:00 pm, while laying in bed trying to go to sleep. This is usually my best thinking time! Go figure!

Ugly April Makeover-homeonthecorner.com

Neutral tones

Now for the process! We started out by taking off the top of the stool and the wheels.

Ugly April Challenge-homeonthecorner.com

Topless! 🙂

We wanted to take the ugly fabric off the top, but as Lauren was taking out the staples, she realized there was another layer of faux leather, then another fabric after that! Lots of staples to remove!

Ugly April Challenge-homeonthecorner.com

Staples galore!

Ugly April Challenge-homeonthecorner.com

More layers!!

We added a piece of wood to the bottom and a little extra on the side to make the recessed part even with the existing sides.

Ugly April Makeover-homeonthecorner.com

We scrounged through our stockpile of wood and found a couple of white pickets, brown pickets and some pallet wood. We measured how tall they needed to be for the sides and cut 4 pieces of each kind of wood.

Ugly April Makeover-homeonthecorner.com

Cutting the side pieces.

Okay, this next part got a bit tricky and we had to redo a couple of times. We measured them all and used a straight edge to attach them to the stool, but after we got them all on, they were at a slant. Bummer! We called in our reinforcements…Honey!! Dad!! He was kind enough to redo it for us and make it all nice and pretty!

Closed up the front and back.

Now all we have to do is some painting and find just the right fabric for the top.

Ugly April Makeover-homeonthecorner.com

Next is paint and fabric.

For the paint, I used what I had sitting around. I freshened up the white pickets by using some of the Simply White paint I had from Lauren’s room. The green is Fernwood Green, from painting our living room about 10 years ago and the turquoise was a mistake batch I picked up awhile ago from OSH for cheap. I dry brushed each of these on to add a little bit of my favorite beach colors. I also added the white to the sides.

Ugly April Makeover-homeonthecorner.com

Beach colors-my favorite!

Haley and I found the fabric at JoAnne’s on sale and thought the colors were a perfect match!

Ugly April Makeover-homeonthecorner.com


I almost forgot-we added rope handles to the sides! I love the look of the rope. I also added the little bit of trim on the bottom to help cover up the peeling veneer.

Ugly April Makeover-homeonthecorner.com

Rope handles

Now our ugly little stool is a cute little storage box! I used the leftover fabric to line the bottom of the box, just to add a little prettiness.

Ugly April Makeover-homeonthecorner.com


I can hardly believe this is the same piece of furniture! I spent about a total of $9.00 for the whole thing-$2.00 for the stool, $5.00 for the fabric and $2.00 for the rope. Everything else we already had on hand.

So what do you think? Did we rescue this poor little stool from a miserable life? I absolutely loved how it turned out! It’s not perfect, but I still like it! This really was a fun challenge!

Sunshine and Blessingssparkle