A Project That Has Taken Almost A Year

So, a small disclaimer that this project is yet to be completed.  But, I will show you what I have completed so far, and tell you what I plan on doing with it.  Hopefully I can get this project done in the near future.

This project started from an idea that I found while exploring the wonders of the internet.  I had Googled a term that I search very often when I am bored: ‘recycled outfits’.
I like to see what other people have created and try to see if there is a possibility of me trying to create my own.

And while on one of my Google searches, I found my newest project.  People have created dresses with cupcake liners.  And they look amazing!

So, I took up the challenge to create my own version.

I had some white fabric that I had left over from other projects that I used as a simple long skirt.  I plan on attaching a top for a dress, but this is just a small portion of what the skirt looks like so far.

full skirt

The cupcake liners have all been cut in half to help make the skirt have a scale like look.  And each and every cupcake liner has been hot glued to the fabric to give it this look.  They still have some maneuverability, but for the most part, the skirt is pretty stiff.


I am really excited to see how the whole dress turns out.

Now, this isn’t the first dress that I have recycled.  My senior year in high school I made a jean dress for a 4-H recycled project.  I used 26 pairs of jeans that I purchased from thrift stores and made this beautiful dress.  I love the ombre look of the skirt, which is good since the dress weighs 10 pounds!

jean dress edit

So these are some of my recycled outfits.  I love to see what I can come up with and see how the dress turns out.  I can’t wait to see how the final product turns out and I can’t wait to show you as well!


16 thoughts on “A Project That Has Taken Almost A Year

  1. Stella Lee @Purfylle says:

    I love the cupcake design! I’ve seen coffee filters used to good effect to. I year isn’t long if you ask me (and my UFO’s) I wonder how much lighter the skirt would be without pockets? I’m featuring this project at #2UsesTuesday


  2. LisaTO says:

    Your skirt turned out beautifully. I always say that inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources and this is a lovely example of that.

    I really like the way the denim looks in this design too.

    Happy day!


  3. Claire Pillarboxblue says:

    Wow that is an amazing piece of denim art work ! I keep all my families denim for projects, I must admit most of them are home furnishings and not clothes. I know how heavy it can be we have a denim quilt which is similar to your skirt and it weighs a ton, but like you I love the different shades of indigo. Will be pinning this to my denim board.

    Love to see the cupcake dress when finished.


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