Gifts for the Techologically Savvy

Hey everyone!  I hope you are all having a wonderful week and are ready for Christmas!  I know it’s still a few weeks away, but you can never be too ready!

So, if you have a friend who is technologically savvy (or sister like me), it may be very difficult to find a perfect gift for them.  But, here are some suggestions for you from Redbubble!

*This blog post does contain affiliate links.  I will be sharing some items from our affiliates that you can go out and buy yourself!  And, it will cost you nothing extra if you click on the links on the sidebar or on the logos below!*

Aren’t these adorable????  There are so many more options on Redbubble and you can search for them by whatever you are looking for.  Want phone cases?  There are tons of different options!  Want a new laptop sleeve?  No problem!

You can also search for certain things that you want!  Does your tech savvy friend like Disney?  Search for Disney laptop sleeves!  Redbubble has everything you could ever want.

Click on the link below to check out Redbubble and see some of the new iPhone Wallets that they are carrying!

Check out the new iPhone Wallets from Redbubble!

You can also check out Groopdealz.  This website can be a little bit difficult because they deals only last a short time!  But, maybe you that’s exciting for you!  Here are some examples of things that you can find on Groopdealz.

The emojis are some powerbanks for you phones, and they are absolutely adorable!  And I know that you are all confused by the hedgehog gloves.  Not only are they adorable, but they can be worn while using your phone!

Last day deals at Groopdealz

I hope that this has helped you out!  Check out these sites to find more stuff, even if they aren’t for the tech savvy!


Holiday Gift Guide for Kids and Teens

I’m back today with a gift guide for kids and  teens. The teens are probably one of the hardest to buy for! I always make sure I get a list from these picky people! But I thought I would share a few ideas just in case you don’t get a list and are truly stuck on what to buy.

*This blog post does contain affiliate links.  I will be sharing some items from our affiliates that you can go out and buy yourself!  And, it will cost you nothing extra if you click on the links on the sidebar or on the logos below!*

Here are some cute prints for kids t-shirts or sweatshirts. I know the boys in my class love the ninja craze and sharks and I am always surprised at how many still know Scooby Doo! All these t-shirt designs are from Redbubble.

Future Ninja Warrior Kids Tee     Sharks Kids Tee     scooby doo Kids Tee

The girls tend to like the cutesy stuff like these Narwhals. Unicorns are always in style, and these giraffes are just adorable!

Narwhal Pattern Kids Tee  Unicorns Are Cool Pattern - Blue Kids Tee   Giraffe family Kids Tee

Maybe the one you’re buying for is a little older, like preteen. Here are some ideas for them. My daughter has a coaster of Harry Otter she still uses!

Harry Otter Kids Tee  Dark side lego Kids Tee   Triceratops Tricerabottom Kids Tee

How about some items for the kids’ room?  Wayfair has some cute stuff!

HomePop Kids Club Chair           Pirate Hide-Away Play Tent       Customer Image Zoomed

   Theater Sacks Bean Bag Sofa      Solar 20-Light 5.5 ft. Globe String Lights          

Phone cases anyone? My girls are always wanting new cases, especially blingy ones! These are from Redbubble too.

Ethnic Highly Detailed Panda iPhone Case/Skin  Ride iPhone Case/Skin   Whole Lotta Dog (Natural version) iPhone Case/Skin

Doctor Who Tardis Phone Case iPhone Case/Skin   Cubs 2016 World Series Champions iPhone Case/Skin  Marble iPhone Case/Skin

Redbubble also carries removable stickers,posters, mugs, calendars, tote bags and so many other things. Lots to choose from for that child, pre-teen, teenager or young adult.

Peacock Sticker   Frenchie Bulldog Mandala Poster  New york, NYC city ! Tote Bag

With all these choices, I’m sure you will be able to find something!!


Just a Blog Post


Hey everyone! I really don’t have much of a blog post today, but I thought I would share a little bit from the bridal shower, a little bit more from Hawaii, and a deal from Redbubble.

Last week Lauren told you about Redbubble, an online shop where you can find all sorts of items from your favorite tv shows or gamers. Great gift ideas too! Just click on the Redbubble logo below to be taken to the site.

RedBubble Logo

The bridal shower for Lauren’s friend was so nice. We managed to fit everyone in my little house and had a good time together. We played a few games, ate delicious food (prepared by someone else!) and just enjoyed time spent together. I’m so glad we could do this for the bride and her family.

I haven’t shared pictures from Hawaii for awhile now, and since summer is almost over, I thought I would get a few more pictures on here and make everyone wish they were at the beach! We spent a couple of hours out on a catamaran and got very wet and windblown, but also were able to see a couple of whales spouting! It was so nice to be out on the ocean and have time to relax.

See the spouts?!

hawaii catamaran 15

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sunshine and Blessings

Need New Art? Let RedBubble Help!

*This blog is brought to you by We are being compensated for the sales made at redbubble*

 Have you ever been a huge fan of a show?  Like, you can’t miss a single episode and you could watch them over and over again?  And what about merchandise?  Do you want all of it?


Isn’t that terrible?  As soon as you want to buy everything out of the store, there isn’t a single shirt or phone case that you like.  Life just isn’t fair, is it?

But there is a solution! is a site where you can buy custom artwork for clothing, phone cases, bags, and more!  Artists can add their own custom art to the site and everything can be searched.   Everything is great quality and all the shirts that I have ordered have been super soft and comfy.  They also run true to size, so you don’t have to worry about if they will fit or not.  If you have a show you like, look it up on RedBubble and see what they have!

Do you like ‘Once Upon a Time’? Check this Captain Hook hoodie by Jabberdashery out!

Captain Hook Hoodie

What about Minnie and Mickey Mouse?  Check out this Samsung Galaxy Phone Case by Brianna Reeves!

Minnie Mouse Case

Is gaming your thing and love watching people play Five Nights at Freddy’s?  Check out this cool Foxy tank top by Kaiserin!

FNAF Foxy Shirt

This is just a small portion of what can be found on RedBubble.  There are so many different items that can be searched for and so many more designs can be found.  By searching for items on RedBubble, you are helping out artists who have put their art online.  This website is awesome and I love looking for new items that I can add to my collection!


Fabulous Finds and Fashions-March 30, 2016

Hello!  And welcome to another episode of Fabulous Finds and Fashions!  I am here to bring you some unsolicited fashion advice and possibly a new fandom starting in our blog.

Okay, maybe not the latter, but I can always try!

Now if you read the blog very carefully, you may have noticed that I wrote episode instead of edition.  It is for a very specific reason.  You see, I am going to present you with a black tee shirt collection of shirts from a fandom that I belong to.



All of these pictures can be viewed on Markplier’s Instagram: @markipliergram

Now, who is Markiplier?  He is a YouTuber who I have been following for about a year and half now.  He plays video games and does charity livestreams to raise money for some amazing causes.  He dyed his hair pink when he raised over $200,000 for DBSA (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance), and has dyed his hair blue and red since then.  He yells and screams and curses at a computer screen for many people’s enjoyment.

And he does this for over 12 million followers.


Yes, high fives for Markiplier and all of his followers.

So, since I have joined the fandom, I have acquired many four shirts and a sweatshirt that are all in support of him.  And I am here to present them all to you!

  1. The Original Logo

Markiplier original

This was the first shirt that I received for Christmas.  This is Mark’s logo and it came from the logo he made on his Minecraft character.  The sweatshirt that I have has the same logo and both are so comfortable!  It was purchased from Spreadshirt (click here if you want to visit the shop)

2. A gift from Haley


So, Haley found this shirt on Redbubble and couldn’t resist purchasing it for me as a HalloThanksMas gift (no, this isn’t an actual holiday).  Unfortunately, it is very true…I would love to date Mark.  Again, this shirt was purchased from Redbubble (click here if you wish to purchase this shirt)

3. Dogiplier


Mark and his friends designed this shirt to raise money for Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles.  They designed this shirt, named Dogiplier, and a second shirt with cats, coincidentally named Catiplier.  I think that the design on the front is absolutely adorable!

Dogiplier close

This shirt, along with the Catiplier shirt, can be purchased from 1Shirt (click here if you want this shirt)

4. I Don’t Need Therapy


This is the final shirt.  It is extremely comfortable and actually being worn while I write this post (hehe).  It came up in my Facebook feed that someone was selling these shirts, and I purchased one.

Therapy close

I really like the design and love how this came together.  Props to the designer of the shirts.  I purchased this shirt from TeeChip, but unfornately the shirt is unavailable for purchase.

Well, I hope you like my Markiplier collection and obsession (lol).  I am adding some videos of Mark for you to watch if you are so inclined.  Just a warning, there is language used that innocent ears shouldn’t hear.

This first video is about the horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s.  Mark’s video became the go to when looking for gameplay of the game.  This video alone, not even the full series, has over 46 million views!  You can watch him play all four Five Nights at Freddy’s games on YouTube.

This next video was actually the first video of Mark that I ever watched.  I was going through Matthias’s channel (that’s the other guy in the video) and saw this one.  And I was hooked on the man with the deep sultry voice.  This video is clean and okay for innocent ears to hear.

This final video is Mark and three of his friend, Bob, Wade, and Yamimash, playing a game called Prop Hunt.  Two people are hunters and two people are props, meaning that they have to find a prop to disguise themselves as in the map.  This is one of the funniest episodes that Mark has on his channel and I laugh everytime I watch it!