Corner News- June 25, 2016

How is your summer so far? Are you crazy busy or crazy lazy? It’s so nice to have some time to just work on projects at a more leisurely pace and still have time to just relax.

I worked on sprucing up a couple of spaces this week, my mantel and my front porch. I added a fabric banner, which I will show you how I made next week, a summer sign and seashells. Love the bright blue and green! Oh, and my flag, of course!

summer fireplace

I added more fabric triangles to the front porch and put a new quote on the chalkboard. I also added a few more summery items, like the birdhouse and lantern.

summer patio 2016 table and chalkboard

summer patio 2016

sumer patio 2016 lantern and flowers

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Sunshine and Blessings

Beachy Dining Room Refresh

dining room refresh collage

Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We have been enjoying some amazing weather here. A little bit of rain, a bit of wind and lots of sunshine!

The beautiful weather has inspired me to freshen up my dining room! This was the corner for spring. I still had a bunny there, some silver branches and some heavier quilts on the ladder, so I decided it was time to lighten up and add a few beach items.

dining room beachy refresh

First, I took everything away. As you can see, we have a lovely wall air conditioner here. Isn’t she a beauty! She’s not pretty, but we sure do need her in the summertime! So I had to move the door out of the way, but decided to replace it with a shutter. That way we can open it up when we need it. I’ve never done it before, so I will see how it works. Hopefully it won’t block too much of the cool air.

dining room refresh air conditioner

I put the ladder back, but added a lighter-weight blanket. The white and gold one was one of the Lily Pulitzer items from Target last year, but guess where I found it! Goodwill!! In fact, I found 2, this one and a pink one for Lauren. I also replaced the wagon and the driftwood bowl.

dining room refresh shutter ladder wagon

As you can see, I already changed where the driftwood bowl was placed! I decided to hang it like a wreath with a grey ribbon and I added a seashell garland, which I made with more of my stash of seashells.

dining room refresh vignette

I added some nautical pillows into a big metal basket. The anchor design is a pillow cover from Amazon. I love these! They store so much easier than a bunch of pillows.

dining room refresh blankets and pillows

I added a large driftwood candle holder and a basket of fishing floats into the wagon.

dining room refresh wagon ocean floatsdining room refresh wagon, shutter

Here is a closer view of the seashell garland. I used a couple of seashell necklaces we received when we went to Hawaii and made them into one long string. I drilled holes into the different shells and then strung them on the necklaces using twine.

dining room refresh driftwood bowl seashell garlanddining room refresh seashell garland

I moved the door to the other side of the dining room, behind the bar cart. I kept the Welcome sign, but added a fishing net that has hung in my bathroom forever!!

dining room refresh welcome door


I also gathered up some flowers and blossoms from my yard, arranged them in some bottles and then placed them in a metal basket. Such a fresh look for spring!

dining room refresh welcome flowers in bottles

If you want to look at last years spring decorating, click here. Although looking back, most of what I took pictures of, has completely changed!

I hope you enjoyed my little dining room spring tour! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Sunshine and Blessings


Boho Seashell Mobile or What To Do With All Your Seashells

I’m back today with another seashell project! You can see a couple of my other projects here and here. I still have so many more to use! As I was putting this together, it kind of looked bohemian to me. I guess with the sticks and string. I don’t know, but I like it! I just have to find the perfect spot for it!

boho seashell mobile title

I picked up some sticks from my yard. I would have loved to use driftwood, but we just don’t seem to have much at the beaches we frequent, so sticks will have to do. I picked out the shells I wanted to use and brought out a couple different strings and twine. I also had my drill with a 3/32 drill bit. I probably could have used  a little bit bigger drill bit because I ended up using the larger string, but it worked out.

Boho Seashell Mobile pieces

I drilled a hole in each of the shells I wanted to use. I put each shell on an old board so the drill would just go into it and not make a hole in my desk!

boho seashell mobile drill starfish

I cut out my sting in various lengths.

boho seashell mobile strings

Then tied a string to each shell. I threaded it through the hole and then knotted it in the back.

boho seashell mobile strings and shells

Before I started hanging the shells on the sticks, I tied the sticks together at different lengths, starting at the top and then adding on. This is the top stick.

boho seashell mobile starfish

After all the shells were hung, I took it outside to find a good spot for it. Unfortunately, this is it for now. I hope to get some cleaning up done outside during spring break and then will find a better spot for it.

boho seashell mobile hanging outside

boho seashell mobile top row starfish

boho seashell mobile hanging lamp, shellsboho seashell mobile clam, snail

And that’s it! This little project didn’t take me very long at all and will add a lot to my summertime patio! Now I just have to figure out what else to make…

Oh! Look what I got on Saturday!!! The ones on top are the ones I am going to use in my laundry room. I love the numbers and the handles. So cool!

lockers 2lockers

Hopefully I will be able to show you soon!


Master Bedroom Reveal

I am back today with something new! Since we are relatively new to blogland, I haven’t had a chance to show you around my house. Not that you are going to see it all, because some of it is bad, really bad. We are talking half finished or 1980’s bad! There is lots of work to be done! But I do have the Master Bedroom done…at least for now! Things are always changing-just ask my family!

This is the view from the door as you walk in. I just changed to bed to this side of the room last month. I also painted it white. It had been where the dresser is now, but I was constantly having to walk around the bed to get to anything. So far, I am liking this better.

Master bedroom 1

I bought the lamp bases from Goodwill several months ago, but they were still new with tags, from Target. My mom and I just found the lampshades last week on our shopping trip. I added a sisal basket with some seashells and a large plate with the year of our marriage. There is also a picture of the family when the girls were small. Above the table are Lauren’s senior pictures. The long denim dress she is twirling in, she made herself! It was a team effort to sew through all that denim!

master bedroom 2

master bedroom 3

Next up is the dresser. We inherited this dresser when we got married from my parents, who inherited it from my dad’s sister. We figure it is about 60 years old. My mom calls it blond wood, but I really don’t know much about it. The wicker chair is part of a set we bought when we got married.

master bedroom 5

The little set of drawers in the middle came from my Grandma. It was my mom’s and her sisters when they were little and it held their doll’s clothes. I changed the knobs on it, but left the wonderful old paint color on it. A few other touches help to add to the beach look without going overboard!

Master bedroom 6

I bought this old fabric box from Goodwill. I thought it was a hat box, but do you see what it says on the side? “Silk Longs.” It must have held somebodies silk stockings!

master bedroom 7

On this side of the bed I used a set of blue wicker drawers for the nightstand. The box is an old cigar box and then I added just a few seashells to keep it simple. On this side, I have Haley’s senior pictures.  I love the one of her holding her baby picture. So precious!

master bedroom 11

master bedroom 12

I have an extra little corner in my bedroom that was added on after the house had been built. This extra space is what sold me on the house! I have a wonderful drop-leaf table here which belonged to my grandma, along with the chair. I added a sailboat and a mirror. There is an old suitcase underneath.

master bedroom 13

Across from the table is another old cabinet. I bought this one from a yard sale from a lady who is a big collector of old things. I have placed all my quilts in here. I love how they looked all stacked up! Some are old, but other are new. I just love all the patterns and how cozy they are. I use these for all different occasions, but especially in the wintertime.

master bedroom 8

masster bedroom 9

Here is the view from this side of the room. Do you see the things peeking out from under the bed? Just a few random things that I had no other place for!

master bedroom 14

Let me show you one of the coolest secrets about this room. See this little piece of paneled wall? Well, if you pull on the hooks, it will open to reveal…

master bedroom 16

A shoe cupboard!! Do you see where Lauren got her love of shoes from! I love this cupboard! I’m sure my husband thought I was crazy, but this is the best thing ever!!

master bedroom 4

I hope you enjoyed the tour! You can check out Laurens bedroom/guest room here, my hallway and one corner of my living room here, and part of my dining room here and here. I will keep plugging along on my different rooms and one day I will be able to show off the whole thing!

Sunshine and Blessings