Rattan Plate Holders plus a Nautical Tablescape

Do you ever have an item you know you want to do something with, but it takes forever to figure out what? That’s me. All the time. I have had these paper plate holders for years. I saw, in a magazine, how they painted them pretty colors. Ok, I can do that. But should I make them all the same, or different colors, and what colors? Oh decisions, decisions!

I finally decided on grey, because…I had the paint already. ūüôā Then Haley came up with the pattern idea.

The first step was to paint them all grey and let them dry. I always use the Rustoleum Ultra Cover. Love this stuff!

Rattan Plate Holdersrattan plate holders spray painted grey

Then I wanted to put a  white stripe across the middle with a number in it. I measured out how large the stripe would have to be so the number would fit and then used the piece of cardboard to tape off the rest of the plate.

rattan plate holder stencil and stripe

I taped scrap paper onto the plate with painters tape. This way I won’t get white paint on the grey.

rattan plate holder tape off stripe

They came out pretty well!

rattan plate holder white stripe

Now came the number. I took an old magazine cover and cut out a square that matched the size of the stencil.

rattan plate holder stencil #4

It’s kind of hard to tell, but here is the square. I taped the stencil to the paper and then pressed it flat against the plate holder. I used turquoise for the numbers.

rattan plate holder magazine and stencil number

Once they were all dry, I was ready to set the table for a night of Al Fresco dining!

rattan plate holders under the lights

When I told Haley I was doing a nautical theme, she asked if it was different then beach theme. I had to think a bit, but yes, in my mind it is a bit different.

rattan chargers on a Nautical table

Nautical is more boats, ropes, and glass floats. Beach would be more sand and shells. At least that is how my mind categorizes it!! ūüôā

rattan plate holders farm table

I did add a few shells and my favorite whale to the table along with glass floats and some rope.

rattan plate holders nautical table

I love how the striped runners look under the plates. I got them from Target last fall.

rattan plate holder seashells, jars, roperattan plate holder number 4

It was starting to get a bit dark on these last pictures, so they are a little grainy.

rattan plate holders tablerattan plate holder number 2rattan plate holder whale

I love how this turned out and really glad I finally did something with these plate holders. Now if I can only come up with ideas for the dozens of other items I have!!

Sunshine and Blessings

Here’s a few other tablescapes you might be interested in!

Fall Tablescape Cover Photo

turquoise and white spring tablescape title


Springy Tablescape

Hello and welcome to winteng…sprinter…wintering? ¬†Whatever. ¬†The time of the year where it is too warm for winter or too cold for spring. ¬†Where the mornings are perfect for sweaters, jeans, and flip flops; but the afternoons are greats for shorts, tank tops, and flip flops.

Oh the struggle is real!

But, nonetheless, it is getting closer to the springy weather and closer to pretty colors from all the flowers.  So, why not get started early with a pretty table setting?

full table

I really like how all of the colors came together on the table setting.  I like the pink tablecloth and how the patterned plates add to the brightness and happiness of the tablescape as a whole.

These are the two different place settings.  One is a floral plate on top of a plaid plate with a striped napkin while the other is a plaid plate on top of floral.  They look great together and the colors compliment each other very nicely.

Hobby Lobby Sign

I added this adorable sign that I purchased for Hobby Lobby. ¬†I completely agree with this saying because who doesn’t like pink?

Flowers and Necklace

I added some pretty pink and white flowers in the centerpiece.  They sit in a mason jar that mom decorated for me for my birthday two years ago.  I also added a tree nut necklace with pink flowers that I bought in Hawaii.  I thought that it added a lot to the centerpiece.


And finally, who could forget the cupcakes.  I added some delicious cupcakes that have matching blue frosting to keep with the colors of the tablescape.  They are a sweet blueberry.  Yum!

So this completes my tablescape. ¬†I love how it turned out and can’t wait to see what my roommates think of my creation!


Soup Party Table Setting

As the weather is changing and getting colder, there is nothing better than having a nice bowl of warm soup.  And sometimes, people have a soup party where they invite others over to bring a type of soup to share with everyone.  And even though I will not be hosting a soup party this year, I wanted to show what my table setting would be if I hosting a soup party.DSCF5201

It is very simple, I know.  But it looks elegant.


I have grey place mats at each place setting.  I have added a bowl, a small plate for bread, a small mug, and a soup spoon.  It looks so nice!DSCF5207

I added a nice bowl that has woodsy stuff in it. ¬†My roommate Hannah put this together, so I don’t know where she bought everything from, but it looks really pretty!


The next thing I added was a glass cylinder full of colorful disco balls.  I bought the disco ball ornaments from Grocery Outlet for $1 a package.  I added a book underneath the cylinder to add height.  Plus all of the colors look cool when I take the picture with flash.


The last thing I added was this decoupaged ¬†candlestick that I’ve shown you before. ¬†It goes great with just about anything that I decorate with. ¬†It adds a lot of variety in the heights of the centerpieces.

So that is it.  That is my table setting.  Nothing super fancy, but it does look very nice and inviting.



Fall Cookie Decorating Tablescape

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! ¬†Where the cookies are baking and everyone’s telling you decorate! ¬†It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Props to everyone who just sang this tune.

Now, I’m not someone who jumps from Halloween to Christmas, but one thing that I love about fall is decorating cookies. ¬†And because my roommate Danielle loves to bake, and happened to bake a batch of cookies, I just had to decorate my table to decorate cookies!


So, here it is!

fall tablescape

We had a pretty fall tablecloth that had leaves all over it, so I went with a very neutral theme.  I had white plates and mugs and kept a knife on each plate so each person could decorate their own cookie.

neutral plates

I added chocolate and strawberry frosting to the decorating items and whipped cream, because you know cookies are the best with whipped cream!  I also found some candy that was on sale after Halloween.  They can be used for extras decor for the cookies.


fall tablescape

So here is my table, I just need more items to decorate the cookies with!  But, I love how it is simple and cute.  Are any of you going to decorate cookies?


Halloween End Table

Ooga Booga! ¬†Did I scare you?? ¬†Just Kidding ūüôā

So my roommates and I don’t do a whole lot for Halloween, but I decided to do a ¬†bit of decorating for fun. ¬†So, with the help of my lovely mother, I bought some items from the Dollar Tree to decorate an end table.

So here it is!

Halloween Decor

The decor originally started the green cat that my roommate Hannah so lovingly named Randall and the pink BOO sign.  So I tried to think of of other things that went with pink and green.  Thankfully, black is a main color of Halloween, so it all worked out.

Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor

So I bought another cat like Randall who is much smaller and black; her name is Regina. ¬†I also bought a small crow to add a “real” Halloween touch, I thought it looked good on sitting on top of the BOO.

Halloween Decor

I also had a spiderweb that originally had 3 glow in the dark spiders. ¬†By the way, those spiders are now hidden around my apartment for my roommates to find. ¬†But, I cut those spiders off and added a larger spider to make it a bit more realistic. ¬†I also wrapped a black tinsel with silver skulls added in around the table. ¬†Aren’t those skulls scary?

Halloween Decor

Finally, I added a green and black sign with some delicious meals for Halloween. ¬†Don’t they sound completely edible? ¬†I also added a black candle holder with a white candle. ¬†It’s a nice juxtapose to the Halloween theme to have a candle.

Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor

So, that’s my decorations. ¬†I love how it turned out and love how it isn’t too much. ¬†It is nice to be a little bit festive with my roommates and not go too over the top. ¬†Now, I hope my roommates don’t scream too loudly when they find the spiders!