Soup Party Table Setting

As the weather is changing and getting colder, there is nothing better than having a nice bowl of warm soup.  And sometimes, people have a soup party where they invite others over to bring a type of soup to share with everyone.  And even though I will not be hosting a soup party this year, I wanted to show what my table setting would be if I hosting a soup party.DSCF5201

It is very simple, I know.  But it looks elegant.


I have grey place mats at each place setting.  I have added a bowl, a small plate for bread, a small mug, and a soup spoon.  It looks so nice!DSCF5207

I added a nice bowl that has woodsy stuff in it.  My roommate Hannah put this together, so I don’t know where she bought everything from, but it looks really pretty!


The next thing I added was a glass cylinder full of colorful disco balls.  I bought the disco ball ornaments from Grocery Outlet for $1 a package.  I added a book underneath the cylinder to add height.  Plus all of the colors look cool when I take the picture with flash.


The last thing I added was this decoupaged  candlestick that I’ve shown you before.  It goes great with just about anything that I decorate with.  It adds a lot of variety in the heights of the centerpieces.

So that is it.  That is my table setting.  Nothing super fancy, but it does look very nice and inviting.



4 thoughts on “Soup Party Table Setting

  1. lindseytradup says:

    I love the idea of having a soup party! I might do this for New Years! Your table setting is beautiful. Simple is elegant and always a good choice. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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