Memory Keeper Map Key-Chain

Good morning! Are you back into the swing of things or still on holiday mode? I am back at work, but the kid count is very low, so it’s still a slow week. It’s kind of a nice way to get back into the routine.

I like to make things out of maps and I made these key chains for my co-workers for Christmas, so I thought I would share them with you. I have other map projects here and here.  They are such a simple project, but are a great way to celebrate the city you live in or maybe that special place you have. Here’s the list of items you will need:

  • small wooden shapes
  • paint-color of your choice
  • Mod Podge
  • paint brushes
  • map of the city or place you want
  • pencil
  • key chain or loop
  • drill

map key chain supplies

I had this package of Woodsies in my craft stash and chose to use the oval ones.

map key chain wood pieces

I painted the back and sides of the piece white. You can pick whatever color you like, but you only have to paint the back and sides.

Map keychain wooden pieces

I was able to find some small maps online and printed them out, 4 on a page. I googled my city and then choose the one I thought would work best for my wood piece.

Map keychain city map

I used my Woodsie as a template to trace around my city. I centered it as close as possible and used a pencil to trace.

map keychain tracing your town

Once my pieces were traced, I cut them all out.

map key chain hometown circled

I painted Mod Podge on the unpainted side of the Woodsie, giving it a pretty good layer.

map key chain white paint mod podge

map key chain mod podge

Once the Mod Podge was on, I centered the map piece on top and gave it another coat of Mod Podge. When the piece was dry, I trimmed the edges of the paper.

map key chain last coat of mod podge

I added a small ring to each one and they were done!

map key chain city of hanford

I love how this turned out!

map key chain hanford city

map key chain keys and sunglasses

map key chain purse, glasses, keys

map key chain scarf orange and turquoise

map key chain with sunglasses, purse

Do you have a place that is special to you? Maybe your hometown, or a place you have traveled to? I would love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments!

map key chains with keys

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Have a great week!


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Home Depot Pumpkin Box Do-It-Herself Workshop

Can you believe we are already more than halfway through October? Wow! It just doesn’t seem possible! I have some good news to share before moving on to my project. We have been asked to co-host Merry Monday Link Party over at Kolb Korner! Yeah! We will co-host on October 25 and Nov. 1. I’m sure you will be hearing much more about it in future posts!! Now on to this project!

Lauren showed you her black cat last week, so I figured I better show you my pumpkin too. It did sit for a little while until I figured out what to do with it. Here it is the night we worked on it at Home Depot.
pumpkin box

And Lauren’s cat.

cat box

I finally had the time to finish mine! First I painted it a dark grey. This was the paint from Haley’s room. I am trying to use some of the stuff I already have, rather than going out to buy more.

Home Depot Pumpkin Painting

Here it is finished with the grey.

Home Depot Pumpkin Grey Paint

Next, I painted a lighter grey over the top using a technique called dry painting. I put just a little bit of light grey on my brush and lightly go over the dark grey. I even brush some off on newspaper before applying to the project.

Home Depot Pumpkin Dry Brush Paint Brush

Here is the first bit of dry brushing done on the box part of the pumpkin.

Home Depot Pumpkin Dry Brushed

It’s all painted! I sanded over it a bit after it was dry to rough it up a little.

Home Depot Pumpkin Finished

I am going to keep it in the house for now and I was able to add a few items to it for display. If I had it outside, I would add some wax or varnish to protect it.

Home Depot Pumpkin Display

Home Depot Pumpkin Blanket and Books

This workshop was really fun! I had never been to one before and it was a great way to learn some basic skills. I am not compensated by Home Depot, I just thought this was a great girls night out. You can check the Home Depot website for workshops happening in your area. If you get a chance to go, have fun!

Sunshine and Blessings


I have another Valentine post for you all today!  This idea I got from a couple of wonderful bloggers I follow. I just love their posts! They have the greatest ideas and wonderful homes. Please take time to check them out!

The first post is from Laura at Here is the link to one of her ideas:

Here is another:

Wood and Burlap Fall Wreath

Here is my version. I also made the small ones for my table settings, but I already have those packed away :(.


Then Karianne from ThistlewoodFarms came up with this one for Christmas:

Wood Slice Christmas Tree

So I made a similar one!

 I started out with some of the wood slices.  My husband cut mine from some tree branches he had pruned from some of our trees. You can also buy them already cut at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. He cut several different sizes.


While Karianne used an old chalkboard, I use a bulletin board I had taken out of Lauren’s room when she moved into her apartment. I stained the frame a little darker brown, using Minwax Wood Finish in Red Oak. Then I spray-painted the cork with black chalk paint. Since I was using a cork board, I glued a tack to the back of the wood slice and just stuck it into the cork. Here is my Christmas version. I added chalk for the trunk of the tree and the star.


So, since my wood pieces are movable, I decided to change it up for Valentines Day! I took the pieces off and then rearranged them into a heart. I wrote ‘Love’ in chalk across the top. Super easy!!

New Image


 This project was easy and something that is very versatile for any occasion.

Love, Pam