Pin Art

Well…I’m bringing you another craft that I found on Pinterest.  Today, I’m bringing you some pin art.

And I don’t mean using pens, I used push pins.  I’m going to give you a brief description of how I did it and what I made from my pin art.

Items Needed

Black Poster board

Push Pins (they can be gold or silver depending on what you want)

A Pencil

An Exacto Knife

I started by cutting the poster board to the size I wanted.  Originally I wanted my board to be certain size to fit inside a frame.  But, because of the absence of an exacto  knife in my apartment, I had to use scissors…Not the best choice for trying to cut a poster board.  So, in my failed attempt, I tried something else.

A wonderful kitchen knife!

I decided to change my plans for the size of the board.  I measured the poster board and cut it into three equal 10 inch by 20 inch pieces.  And using my handy dandy kitchen knife, I cut the boards to use for my projects.

I then text some friends to ask them for a word or phrase that was inspirational to them. I got some responses and was then able to actually start the project.

To start the next part, I drew on the poster board with a pencil to get my design on the board.  Don’t be afraid to erase and try again if you don’t like how it looked.  I also wrote in cursive to make the word or phrase more elegant.


And now the pinning begins!  I bought a box of 300 gold tacks from the Dollar Tree to get started.  I slowly put the pins along the pencil lines that I drew to get the pins where I wanted.  Also, if you don’t like where the pins are placed, take them out carefully and replace them where you can’t see the hole you first made.


Now, inevitably, you will run out of tacks.  Fortunately, 300 tacks only cost $1, so it wasn’t too expensive.

And…here are some of the finished products!

pin art  dream big

This was created for my friend and co-worker Jessica who found inspiration in this Norman Vaughan quote.

pin art just go

This one was for one of my roommates, Bailey. It is now hanging above her window.

pin art hope

My roommate Lydia loved this simple word that inspires her everyday.

pin art friends

I had pins left over, so I found this quote in Google about friendship and decided to make this for my apartment living room.

Now…you may notice that I didn’t make one for myself…and my last roommate still hasn’t told me her word or phrase.  But I had more fun making these for other people and not myself.  Now if only my roommate Hannah will tell me her word or phrase so I can create some artwork for her!

Do you have a word or phrase that is inspirational to you that you would make artwork out of?  Let us know in the comments below!


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