Pin Art

Well…I’m bringing you another craft that I found on Pinterest.  Today, I’m bringing you some pin art.

And I don’t mean using pens, I used push pins.  I’m going to give you a brief description of how I did it and what I made from my pin art.

Items Needed

Black Poster board

Push Pins (they can be gold or silver depending on what you want)

A Pencil

An Exacto Knife

I started by cutting the poster board to the size I wanted.  Originally I wanted my board to be certain size to fit inside a frame.  But, because of the absence of an exacto  knife in my apartment, I had to use scissors…Not the best choice for trying to cut a poster board.  So, in my failed attempt, I tried something else.

A wonderful kitchen knife!

I decided to change my plans for the size of the board.  I measured the poster board and cut it into three equal 10 inch by 20 inch pieces.  And using my handy dandy kitchen knife, I cut the boards to use for my projects.

I then text some friends to ask them for a word or phrase that was inspirational to them. I got some responses and was then able to actually start the project.

To start the next part, I drew on the poster board with a pencil to get my design on the board.  Don’t be afraid to erase and try again if you don’t like how it looked.  I also wrote in cursive to make the word or phrase more elegant.


And now the pinning begins!  I bought a box of 300 gold tacks from the Dollar Tree to get started.  I slowly put the pins along the pencil lines that I drew to get the pins where I wanted.  Also, if you don’t like where the pins are placed, take them out carefully and replace them where you can’t see the hole you first made.


Now, inevitably, you will run out of tacks.  Fortunately, 300 tacks only cost $1, so it wasn’t too expensive.

And…here are some of the finished products!

pin art  dream big

This was created for my friend and co-worker Jessica who found inspiration in this Norman Vaughan quote.

pin art just go

This one was for one of my roommates, Bailey. It is now hanging above her window.

pin art hope

My roommate Lydia loved this simple word that inspires her everyday.

pin art friends

I had pins left over, so I found this quote in Google about friendship and decided to make this for my apartment living room.

Now…you may notice that I didn’t make one for myself…and my last roommate still hasn’t told me her word or phrase.  But I had more fun making these for other people and not myself.  Now if only my roommate Hannah will tell me her word or phrase so I can create some artwork for her!

Do you have a word or phrase that is inspirational to you that you would make artwork out of?  Let us know in the comments below!


March Organization-Part 3-Hallway Closet

Hi all! I thought I would share our third post about organization today. I actually had this done for February, but then Lauren decided to post about her fabric, which you can see here , and our first project here, and I didn’t want to bore you all with our messiness! It’s pretty warm here in Central California, so I won’t be needing my scarves and gloves anymore this year,  but I didn’t have a good way to find the one I wanted or an easy way to put them away. Pretty soon, it became a jumbled mess! This is the closet in the hallway. It stores our coats, vacuum, wrapping paper (some day, I want to come up with a place to put a wrapping station), other misc. stuff, and my scarves and gloves.


Not too easy to find the scarf I want!

Haley had cleaned out her closed a few weeks ago and gave me this shoe organizer. At the time, I wasn’t sure what I could use it for, but it was such a nice bag, that I kept it and hoped inspiration would hit! Sure enough! While trying to pull out a scarf one morning, I thought, “This is ridiculous! There has to be a better way! Wait, the shoe bag from Haley might work!” I can’t believe it took me years to figure out that there was an easy solution.


First, I removed everything off the door, including the old hanging rack.  I had some overdoor hangers, so I didn’t have to make any holes in the door, but you can just as easily hammer in a couple of nails or put in some screws. I hung the shoe organizer and I started with the gloves and mittens and put them in the top pockets. Then I took each scarf, rolled it up and placed it in a pocket. I also had a few of the small nylon backpacks that I added to a few spaces.


Lauren knitted this blue one for me!


Love these colors!




And that’s it! Pretty easy and it didn’t take very long at all! Now everything is put away for the year and will be ready for next winter season.  What are some of the ways you stay organized with your winter wear?

Sunshine and Blessings

How to Make Your Rice Glow

The other day, when I was absentmindedly scrolling through Pinterest, I came across this

neon rice

So…………I was intrigued.

I went to the following website and looked at what Crystal and her daughter did to make their Neon Rice.  So check out her website to see what they did.

Ingredients (I had to change to measurements a little bit to make it work for my “experiment” because I wanted to make a big batch so that my mom could take this to her preschool classroom.)

4 2 pound bags of rice

4 different colors of neon paint

Glow in the dark paint


4 Ziploc bags

Cookie Sheets

So I started by purchasing neon pink, blue, orange, and green non toxic paint along with a bottle of glow in the dark non toxic paint from Michaels.  Thankfully, it’s only about $.70 a bottle so it’s not a budget breaker.  Also, because it is non toxic, mom can take it to her classroom to use with the kids.

After I got all my supplies, I got started.

1. Separate the rice into separate bags for each color you want to use.  Since I have four colors, and four bags of rice, I just emptied a full bag into a Ziploc bag.


2. Squirt the color of choice and the glow in the dark paint into the rice.  You will also want to add some water to the mixture to make the paint runnier and easier to spread over the rice.


3. Close the Ziploc bag to start mixing.  Make sure you get all the air out because it will be easier to mix the rice with the paint.

4. Knead the mixture until the rice is coated with the paint.  I found that I didn’t add enough paint the first time, so I added more blue paint and more glow in the dark paint.

5. Empty the rice out the Ziploc bags and onto a cooking sheet.  I covered my cooking sheets with aluminum foil so that the paint wouldn’t ruin the cooking sheets.IMG_2605


6. Let the rice dry!  It doesn’t take too long to dry, but it may take a while for the glow in the dark paint to actually start glowing.  If you leave it in the light for a while, the rice should start to glow in the dark.

Now…this didn’t work exactly as planned.  The rice covered well with the paint, but it didn’t glow in the dark.  I don’t know if I didn’t add enough glow in the dark paint, which is possible because I only added about 1/4th of a small bottle.

But, it still turned out to be really pretty and now it’s a great item for mom’s preschool class to dig through.IMG_2608


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My Beachy Spring Decorating

We are having some very lovely weather here in Central California. Unfortunately, we need rain and snow in the mountains very badly.  Could all of you in the snowy places, send us some?  Thanks!  Anyways, the sunshine makes me want to decorate for spring. Lighten things up and dream of some beach time!



I love decorating with seashells. They are neutral, plus have interesting shapes and I can fit them in anywhere. They go especially well with all my turquoise. I am trying to slowly go to a more neutral color scheme, so my shells will still fit in perfectly.


My style

This shelf is in my dining/computer area. I have had it a very long time.  It used to be that wonderful hunter green, until it got a fresh coat of paint. I also changed out the hooks for some old doorknobs. That glass one took a lot of glue and drying time to get it to stay! IMG_2586


Old doorknobs

Lauren decoupaged this frame with old book pages, I have had the turquoise jar for a long time, the ‘S’ came from Michaels and the little glass bowl holds a bunch of old keys. IMG_2583


Simple and neutral

Here we have a spindle I covered with twine, an adorable picture of the girls when they were small and a jar given to me by Haley.


KIrkland bottle

This cute little bird drawing in the seashell frame was drawn by Lauren when she was in grade school. She didn’t like it, but I thought it was perfect! I have had it framed in different areas of the house ever since.


Such a sweet little picture

I bought this small crate from the Railroad Museum in Sacramento when the girls were young and we visited the museum with my sister, who lived in Sacramento at the time.  I have a small sea urchin bowl on top and a seashell and jar inside.  I won a 6 pack of these wonderful turquoise Ball jars from another blog. I filled it partway with sand and added a few small sand-dollars. IMG_2581 Underneath the shelf I have a white metal record-player table.  Remember those! Really big CD’s! I have an old turquoise bucket that is actually an ice-cream maker bucket from my grandma.  I have no idea how old this thing is.  But the color is perfect! I’m sure Grandma new thought it would be used this way! I filled it with branches and flowers from my yard. I love the blossoms! IMG_2588 Well, that’s the start of spring decorating! I am still working on the hallway and hope to have that done soon so I can show it off.  Hope you all have a wonderful day! PhotoScan Link Parties we are partying at! callingallcrafters15     TWCJLF-Button-300x300   PartyBanner Inspire-Me-Monday-Link-Party  Create-Link-Inspire_500px1  lou lou girls linky party_thumb[2] 35lujig  Untitled+(5)    linkpartybutton_zps9741453e Brag About It VMG206 650    dotelltuesdayheader1 DIYLinkPartyButton 55 link Party 7-2014   Link-Party-Header  Whimsy-Wednesday-Image2 YWWsnip  image1 (10)Moonlight-and-Mason-Jars-Buttonnmo9thursday-154/ ImpartingGracebutton  bb1  creative-inspirations The-Creative-Exchange-FB-Logo1  unnamed_zps43220571  show-off-friday-button-150x150135  Let's Get Real Weekly  fridaysunfolded4banner  week1  Be.You_.Tiful-Link-Party-Button-500x5001  New Party Button for WTDW resized to 240  FFF_01 Friday-Favoritescollage-10-2014-300x150  party button (R2)  2-1  1-Funky_Junks_Party_Junk_link_party.29-AM  fav