How To Make Chalkboard Subway Art-California Style

Hi everyone! First of all I want to apologize for only getting out one post this past week. Life has been so crazy for both Lauren and I! I have been working more hours, plus had activities each night and Haley graduates in a week!!! Lauren has also had more work hours and had finals and many papers to write. Not sure how much better this week will be with graduation preparations, but I am here today! I will share all the good grad tips when I come back!

I did manage to get a project done this past week. I wanted to change out an old decorative window I had hanging in my bathroom. The preschool I work at was getting rid of an old puppet theater type thing. I didn’t want it for my classroom, but it had chalkboard on all 3 sides. Hello!? Yes, I want it!

My husband took it apart before I took a picture, but here are the 3 sides.

chalkboard subway sign1

I took the smallest piece and taped all the ages. Then I took Rust-oleum Black Chalkboard Paint and sprayed the middle.

Taped off

Taped off

From green to black!

From green to black!

chalkboard subway sign4

After the chalkboard paint was dry, I removed the tape. Then I used some Minwax Wood Finish, Golden Oak, that I had on hand. I dipped a rag into the can and then wiped it on the wood frame. I let it dry and then added another coat.

chalkboard subway sign5

This shows the difference in the wood color.

This shows the difference in the wood color.

After everything was dry, I primed the chalkboard. This just means rubbing chalk all over the whole board and then wiping it off. Now your board is ready to use!



I printed out the names of different California beaches, in different fonts on the computer. My plan was to rub chalk on the back of the paper, then trace it on to the board. It worked a little, but the chalk wasn’t dark enough for me to see. So I ended up just using the prints as my samples and I freehanded as best I could.

California Beaches

California Beaches

This is where it’s now hanging! I like how it looks here, but it’s also nice that I can either change where I put it or I can change what’s on it.

New artwork for my bathroom!

New artwork for my bathroom!

chalkboard subway sign11

chalkboard subway sign12

chalkboard subway sign13

chalkboard subway sign14

chalkboard subway sign16

I have an idea for one of the other pieces. I think I am going to use it in my classroom to write all the funny things the kids say, but I don’t know about the other piece. I would love to hear some ideas! I hope you all have a great week!

Sunshine and Blessings

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