Bejeweled Bottle

Haley’s graduation was almost two weeks ago, but I have now decided to post what I made for her.  I wanted to make a gift that was personal but still was fun.

I bought a Starbucks frappuccino, you know the frappuccinos that come in the bottles, and wanted to make something cute from the bottle.  And, that is where the bejeweled bottle idea came from.


After washing the bottle out as many times as possible to get the coffee smell out of it, I was ready to get working on it.  I used the bottle, sticky jewels that you can buy in the scrapbooking section at Michaels, and scissors.  I thought that the easiest way to put the jewels on the bottle was to cut them in rows and stick them on.


And then I ran into a small problem.  The jewels didn’t wrap all the way around the bottle like I thought that they would.  They covered about 80% of the bottle, and then had to use other pieces to fill in the rest of the 20%.

bejeweled bottle

After using about six rows of the turquoise color jewels, I decided I wanted to make a ‘H’ out of the white jewels.  I cut out a piece of the white that was 8 jewels across by 16 tall.  I then cut the top and bottom to make a ‘H’ and placed it on the front of the bottle.

H for Haley

H for Haley

My next problem came when I got to the neck of the bottle.  I had to cut the jewels in  single strips to make sure that it didn’t look funny.  But, because the jewels are square and the bottle is round, the jewels stuck up a little.  But from far away, it is hard to tell what the jewels look like on the bottle.

I finally covered the lid of the bottle to complete the bejeweled bottle.  I made a smaller version of the white ‘H’ to place on the top of the lid.

bejeweled bottle 1

And voila!  A bejeweled bottle!

bejeweled bottle

This was very simple and only took me about an hour to complete.  Since the jewels are sticky, it didn’t take long for them to stick to the bottle.  And if you mess up, it is easy to take off and restick.  Let me know if you have tried to use these sticky jewels on a project and how it worked out for you!


4 thoughts on “Bejeweled Bottle

  1. 2patkath says:

    That bottle ended up being very pretty and it did not seem like a lot of work. Thanks for bringing this pretty and creative bottle to #HomeMattersParty


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