A Mini Vacation to Lodi

So, I am a very busy person.  I go to school 2 days a week and work the other 5.  URGH!  I have no time to myself!

But, before life took over, I was able to take a mini vacation to see a friend of mine.

This summer, my friend Sara had invited me to Lodi to take a mini vacation.  So, we picked a weekend that I would drive to Lodi and visit her and her family.  So on September 11th, after work and school, I drove 2 1/2 hours to Sara’s house.  When I arrived, all we did was relaxed the night away.  I was tired, so it was awesome for me.

shopping selfie

But the next day was full of activity.  We woke up early and drove from Lodi to Sacramento  to go shopping!  We visited Arden Fair mall and spent about 2 hours there.  And yes, I did buy some things: Tsum Tsums for my nieces, Disney bows for myself, and two pairs of shorts from Torrid that were on sale.  Hooray!

the squeeze

The next thing that we did was go to lunch at a place called The Squeeze.  It was a lot of food, but it definitely was delicious.

Sara and I selfie

Next, Sara and I went to the Stockton Fairgrounds where her mom and dad were serving beer at the horse races.  Now, we were more interested in watching the races and wondering if the pretty one was going to win, but we still had a lot of fun out there.  Also, beer is disgusting…

horse race scoreboard

race horse

horse race

Finally, we went to a local winery and went wine tasting.  The place was very nice and the people there were very sweet.  And, the wine was good.  Maybe a bit too bitter for me, but I will admit that I am a bit of a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

old fashion truck

iron flowers

The next day we went to the local zoo.  To be honest, the zoo wasn’t that great.  A lot of birds and lemurs and monkeys, and a snow leopard.  A snow leopard without snow…



blue bird

waterdrop feather

ring tailed lemur

ring tailed lemur

red furred lemur

red furred lemur

And the last thing that we did was do some more shopping in Stockton.  We didn’t buy anything, but it was still fun.

And this was the end of the vacation.  It was sad to leave, but at the same time I was ready to go home.  I wanted to sleep in my own bed and relax, but I didn’t want to get back to the normality of life.

So thanks to Sara and her family for letting me stay with them.  Thanks for giving me a great weekend off from life.  But now, back to the hustle and bustle of school and work.  Yeah….


Dollar Tree Fall Rake Makeover

Good morning! It’s another hot week here in Central California. It’s hard to get into the fall spirit when it’s almost 100 degrees! It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, if we even remember what that is. I will probably take my kids out to play in it if it does!

Even though it is hard to get into fall, I have made another fall craft using Dollar Tree floral, bells and ribbon. I had my husband keep this rake after the wooden handle broke. I’m sure he thought I was crazy :). I sort of forgot about it, until I saw something similar on Pinterest. I dug it out of the shed and went to Dollar Tree to by some fun little goodies. Here is what I bought: 5 stems of feathers and flowers, a string of acorn bells and a roll of ribbon.

Fall Rake Dollar Tree Makeover

The first thing I did was to push the leaves up to the flower and then clip apart the flowers from the big plastic stem. I used wire cutters for this.

Fall Rake Makeover First step

Here is everything all separated and ready to be glued on.

Fall Rake Makeover step 2

I started with the long grassy leaves. I laid them out on the black part of the rake and then hot glued them on. They don’t have to be too close together or perfect.

Fall Rake Makeover Adding Pieces

Next I filled in more of the empty places the pieces that had the feathers in them. Again, nothing has to be perfectly placed.

Fall Rake Makeover Feathers

These feathers are so pretty!

Fall Rake Makeover Feather addition

Then I took the larger flowers and started filling in on the top to cover the black plastic part of the rake. I cut some of the flower stems closer to the leaves so they would lay more flat and the others I left the longer stem. Then I glued them on randomly. Some I placed higher up and some down lower. I also added some of the filler flower in between some of the empty spaces.

Fall rake Makeover Filler Flower

After all the flowers were attached I glued the bells onto the black part and then added a big bow to the top. I don’t have pictures of making the bow. I don’t seem to have enough hands! 🙂

I love how this looks on the wooden fence!

Fall Rake Makeover Fence

Fall Rake Makeover Bells

Here it is inside too with some cute little pumpkins underneath.Fall Rake Makeover Dining Room

I really like it outside on the fence though!

Fall Rake Makeover Dollar Tree on Fence

Corner News September 11, 2015

Hello everyone! So glad it’s Friday. Even with a short week, I am ready for the weekend. Are you doing any community service projects in honor of September 11? I have my preschoolers collecting items for our friends’ animal shelter, Valley Animal Haven. You are never too young to start community service! We just found out that the shelter is one of the 10 finalists for a HomeAgain Grant. We are so excited for her and plan on voting every day. If you would like to help the animals out, you can vote too! Here is the link- http://www.homeagainhelps.com/. We are Valley Animal Haven, located in CA. By the way, that is my daughter Haley in the picture with all the puppies on her lap! You can vote via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or email. Thanks so much for your help! Now on to our Corner News!

Even though the blogosphere says it’s fall, our weather is still 105 degrees. Whew! But I have been buying a few things here and there and pulling out my fall stuff. I found these things at the Dollar Tree. I plan on adding them to an old rake I have.

Corner News sept.11,2015

I just love the acorn bells!

I also did a little thrift store shopping and picked up a few things. I found this cool metal basket/table and this cream colored pitcher to add to my fall decor. The pitcher has the words, ‘sip, savor, relax, enjoy’ printed on it. The pumpkin is a make-over I just finished. If you want to see the post, take a look here.

corner news buys sept.11,2015

Here is just a peek at my front porch. It’s ready for fall, even if the weather isn’t! I will be revealing the whole thing in a week or so.

corner news fall sept.11, 2015

I hope you all have a great weekend! See you next Monday!

Sunshine and Blessings

Scrapbook Paper Signs

Do you ever go shopping in an arts and crafts store and see something that you absolutely didn’t need and you bought it anyway?

Yep…all the time…

Well, on a certain trip to a certain Hobby Lobby with a certain mother of mine (you know who you are), my certain mother HAD to stop in the scrapbooking aisle.  Not that I didn’t want to stop in the aisle, but it’s for the purpose of the story.  So as we looked down the aisle, we both realized that some of the 12 by 12 paper was really cute.

And that’s when I realized that I was going to purchase some of these cute pieces of paper.

I bought 2 turquoise and 2 white papers to use.  I wanted to hang them on a wall in the living room at the apartment, so I had to find something to hang them with.  So, continuing thought the certain Hobby Lobby with a certain mother of mine, we found cork board that I could put the paper on.

So the cork board came with stickers to put on the back that would attach to the wall.  I liked this because then I didn’t need any other hangers.  I then hung the paper on the cork board with gold tacks that I had left over from my push pin art.  So, with one pin on each corner, the pictures were hung on the wall.

And here’s the finished product!

Scrapbook Paper Signs

I love how the pictures look.  I know that deer and arrows are all in right now, so it worked perfectly, along with the words Love and Hello.  It looked great on the wall and I love the pop of color.  Now…if only I can get them to stay on the wall…


Fabric Pumpkin Makeover

Happy 3 Day Weekend (for those who get one!)!  This post is late today because I am busy trying to get my house cleaned up and ready for fall!  I don’t have much time during the week, so I figured this was my time to get moving on it. I feel like I accomplished quite a bit, but I didn’t get the blog done for this morning. But it’s here now!

I found these 2 (very) bright orange fabric pumpkins at a thrift store. There really wasn’t much out yet at the stores I usually go to. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with these, but I figured something would come to mind. I talked with the girls and we came up with a few ideas.

Fabric pumpkin makeover

I started with the small one. Haley suggested turquoise with orange polka-dots, where the dots start out full at the top and then becomes less and less. So I went through my paint stash and started with some colors that I mixed. It did not turn out as bright as Haley was thinking. So, I looked again and found some old poster paint in bright turquoise. It ended up being the perfect color! Here are my different attempts:

Much better color! I added a little more turquoise with some purple mixed in for the stem. After seeing the turquoise, my mind totally went in a different direction than polka-dots! Do you do that? Change your mind part way through a project? All. The. Time!

Small fabric pumpkin makeover turquoise

I decided to add some string around the pumpkin where the previous string was. I picked a navy blue, although it looks kind of purple.

Small fabric pumpkin makeover string

I just put some hot glue on the old string and laid the new string over the top.

Small fabric pumpkin makeover gluing

Here is a little clue to how I ended up decorating the pumpkin. These are a few of the embellishments that I used.

Small pumpkin makeover

The big pumpkin I just spray-painted with Rust-oleum spray paint in Metallic Aluminum.

Fabric Pumpkin spray paint

Then I added some glittery silver filigree washi tape that I found at Walmart. Sorry I don’t have the package to show you. I had already opened it for another project. Isn’t is pretty!

Fabric Pumpkin Makeover 3

And here is the turquoise one! Ta da!

Fabric Pumpkin Makeover 2

Haley loves peacocks and we had decorated her graduation party in a peacock theme. You can see it here. I had a few feathers left over, so it worked out great.

Fabric Pumpkin Makeover Finished

Fabric Pumpkin Makeover 5

Fabric Pumpkin Makeover 4

I just loved how they both turned out! Have been decorating for fall yet?

Sunshine and Blessings

ps. We (mostly Lauren) have been on Periscope! Be sure to follow us there to find out when we go live!