Corner News-October 16, 2015

Welcome to the Corner News!  In the past two weeks, I have been working, going to school, and working…yeah!

But, mom and I did do something fun last night.  It was another Do-It-Herself at Home Depot.  So…we took a pre-project selfie.

home depot selfie

Then, we found out that we weren’t going to be making the mosaic mirror that we thought we would be making…DISAPPOINTED!  I was really looking forward to making a mirror and making it my own.  But alas, we had to settle with a blanket ladder.  It was extremely simple and something that I didn’t need (not like I needed the mirror either).  But nonetheless, we stayed for the project.

There were quite a few problems.  First, there were only two drills that people could use.  Second, said drills stripped the screws that we were given.  Third, we were given nails.  And fourth, most of my nails ended up like this.

bent nail

URGH!  But, with a lot of help from my mom, and a few other friends who joined us, we were able to complete the blanket ladder.  Mine is the one of the left, mom’s is on the right.

blanket ladders

They still need to be painted, but they are done essentially.  I don’t know what I will paint mine…maybe pink?  Hopefully next month, it is a better project and it is more organized.

So that was the most exciting thing that happened these past two weeks.  Hope you have a great weekend and we will see you on Monday!


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