Thrift Store Metal Medallion Makeover

It’s November! The weather is finally cooler here, at least in the mornings and evenings. And we have finally had some much needed rain! It’s been wonderful! This type of weather brings back memories of the sound of the chainsaw as my dad trimmed the trees in the back yard. My sister and I would use the cut branches to make forts over the swing-set. Of course, it only lasted a day. My dad would take the branches, cut them up and cart them away.

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I found these metal medallions at the local Goodwill a couple of week ago. I knew right away what I wanted to make (for once!). I had found some chalk paint at Walmart made by Waverly and wanted to try it out.

Metal Medallion Makeover

I bought the white chalk paint and painted two coats on each medallion.

Metal Meddalion Makeover Waverly Chalk Paint

Metal Medalion Makeover Paint

After the paint had dried, I used the Waverly Antique wax to spread on the raised areas.

Metal Medallion Antique Wax

I put a little on a rag, wiped some off on the paper I was using to protect the floor and then went over each piece, lightly.

Metal Medallion Waverly Antique wax

I went over the edges too. After is was covered, I kept rubbing to buff it out a little bit.

Metal Medallion Antique Waxing

Here are all three! I like how each one is a little different and I really like how they turned out.

metal medallion decor

I had never used an antiquing wax before, but I really like it. It gives it a little bit of a farmhouse look.

metal medallions mantel decor

Here you get a little peek of my faux fireplace. It’s almost done! I will be showing it off next week!

metal medallion fall decor

Hope you all have a wonderful week! See you next time with my fireplace!

Sunshine and Blessings

16 thoughts on “Thrift Store Metal Medallion Makeover

  1. irisabbey says:

    Very nice job on these. They look great. I’d like to find something like this at a thrift shop — you were lucky and then transformed them into something special. I saw your link at DIY Vintage Chic’s party.


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