Thrift Store Pumpkin Makeover

Good morning! Now that’s it’s officially fall, are you experiencing fall weather? This week we have a few cool days, a couple hot ones, and then it cools down for the weekend. I do love the cool nights and being able to cuddle under the blankets!

I found this paper mache’ pumpkin at a thrift store this past week. I liked the size, but didn’t like the shiny finish on it.

cream pumpkin makeover

I took the stem off and then used some of the chalk paint I had on hand. I used what I thought was a cream colored chalk paint, but it was actually wax. I thought I would try it and it ended up working out.

cream pumpkin waverly and american decor chalk paint

I used a couple of coats of the wax and I like the chalk look much better.

cream pumpkin chalk paint

I used Waverly ‘Mineral’ and Americana Decor ‘Heirloom’ and used a small paintbrush to brush small strokes of paint all over the pumpkin. I made sure to add some in the recesses, to give some shadow.

cream pumpkin and stem with grey and tan

I also painted the stem with the ‘Mineral’ and ‘Heirloom’ paint and then glued it back on the top of the pumpkin.

cream pumpkin with lantern

I added the pumpkin to my mantel along with a couple of lanterns and a large pumpkin canvas I painted last year.

cream pumpkin mantle with painted pumpkin picture

Just a few touches bring fall into the room!

painted pumpkin fall mantlecream pumpkin fall mantle lanterns and candles

I also bought a new candle from Bath and Body Works, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. Mmmm! It smells so good!

cream pumpkin fall mantle pumpkin candle and lanterncream pumpkin makeover fall mantle

I love when I can take a thrift store item and remake it to be usable again! I also love when I don’t have to spend a lot of money to bring something ‘new’ to my home. What items have you made over? I would love to hear about it!


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DIY Wooden Ocean Buoys

ocean wooden buoys title

Good morning! Today is my first day back at school with students! Eek! I’m a little nervous because some I have never met before. But I know I have good help in my room and hopefully everything will go smoothly.

I know most people are getting ready for fall, but it is still over 100 degrees here! It’s hard to think about cooler weather projects when it is still so hot! So today is another summer post! It’s pretty simple though.  I actually had everything on hand already. I have been wanting to make these for awhile and I finally got it done.

I had some 4 x 4’s (actually 3.25 x 3.25!) in my wood stash and had my husband cut them in various heights. The tallest one is about 13″ tall and the shortest one is about 8″ tall.  I also had him taper in the tops on each side. They don’t quite come to a point, but are flat on top. I also drilled a hole, large enough to get some rope through. The diameter of the hole would depend on the type of rope you are using. I picked up some more Waverly Chalk Paint at Walmart, this time in ‘Ocean’, ‘Pumpkin’, and ‘Lagoon.’

ocean beach buoys

I first painted each piece with either Waverly ‘Plaster’ or ‘Mineral.’ 2 of each! I didn’t cover the wood too well, because a real buoy would be worn by the sea and sun.

ocean buoys painted grey and white

After the paint dried, I used painter’s tape to mark off where I wanted to put the colored stripes. Make sure to really seal the edges of the tape so the paint doesn’t go under and bleed into other areas. Take off the tape soon after the paint starts to dry. I started with the smallest one and decided to paint just one color around the whole thing. This one will be ‘Lagoon.’

ocean wooden buoy painting stripes

I did a variation of the 3 colors on each buoy. This one will be ‘Pumpkin’ and ‘Lagoon.’

ocean buoy grey painting stripes

After the paint was dry, I sanded the piece all over to give it a rough and worn look. Here is the small one. I love it!!

ocean buoy turquoise and white

I took a length of rope, ran it through the hole and tied it at the top. I should have rolled it in the dirt first, so it wasn’t so new looking! I’m sure it will look more worn before long.

ocean wooden buoys

I am so pleased with how these turned out!!

ocean wooden buoys orange, turquoise, blue

I can’t wait to really display them next summer!!

ocean buoys wooden blue and turquoiseocean wooden striped painted buoys

I hope you all have a great week and I will let you know how my first day of school went!!


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Sunshine and Blessings

Upcycled Coffee Cans for Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Hello! How was everybody’s weekend? Was it busy or relaxing? I pretty much stayed at home, getting things ready for the bridal shower I am hosting. I did get to enjoy a frosty on Saturday and a competitive game of Pirates of the Caribbean Life on Sunday. Such an exciting life I lead! LOL!

I did get these cans done over the weekend for the bridal shower. This is such a simple project! I had a couple of coffee cans, my mom had a few and she also found one at a yard sale, which she was given for free. I had received the burlap this summer and my husband had cut the wood slices for me a couple of years ago. You can see my other wood slice projects here. I used the Waverly chalk paint in Mineral and Plaster. These paints can be found at Walmart.

coffee can makeover

I started with the Plaster color and just brushed it all over the can. As you can see, you can still see the red color through the paint.

coffee can makeover chalk paint

I painted a second coat of Plaster and then added touches of Mineral all over the can. I dry-brushed it on and just kept brushing till it was blended in. Chalk paint dries quickly, so painting several coats doesn’t take too long.

coffee can makeover chalk paint grey

I cut pieces of the burlap ribbon long enough to fit around the can with just a little overlap in the back. I hot glued it into place.

coffee can makeover with burlap

All wrapped up! I then added a wood slice to the front of each with hot glue.

coffee can makeover burlap wrap

I added the initials and names of the bride and groom onto the wood slice with brown sharpie so it looks like it is woodburned into it.

coffee can makeover bridal shower with burlap

I added pomegranate branches into each can, simply because I have 2 trees full of them. I placed a smaller jar inside the can to help hold the branches upright.

coffee can makeover bridal shower centerpieces burlap and pommegranites

I think these will look really nice on the tables as centerpieces for the bridal shower. I can reuse them later just by removing the wood slice. So you will probably see them reappear again sometime!

coffee can makeover bridal party centerpieces

This is such a simple and quick project. It’s also a great way to upcycle some of those tin cans you might have in your recycle bin. They could be painted any color that fits your color scheme and any kind of ribbon could be added to it. Let your creativity flow!!

Sunshine and Blessings

A Lacy Look for a Everyday Household Item

Hello everyone!  I hope you have all been having a good week and are ready for another blog post that will blow your minds!

Okay…maybe not, but you never know.

So, I was looking around for free stuff/cheap stuff on Craiglist.  I was looking for some furniture that I wanted to redo.  And, I found these beautiful bar stools for $30 for the 4 of them.

Barstools 1

They were really nice, but they did have some damage done to them.  They had some chew marks from a dog and some paint on them as well.  But it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be fixed.

So, I had a great idea on what I wanted to with these bar stools.  So, I started with painting the seats white.  I used Waverly chalk paint and absolutely fell in love with how it covered the bar stool.  Here is how it turned out!

Barstools 5

I like how the white paint covered the seat and how well it worked.  I can officially say that I am a believer in chalk paint!

But, moving on.  I really wanted to paint a design on the seat and had a great idea to put a doily on the top and paint over it.  So, here is the doily that I used.

Barstools 6

Isn’t it pretty?!  I love it!  I love that it isn’t just a plain white doily and love all the circles and the design.

So, I wanted to paint over the doily with black so that the white would show through.  I used American Decor black chalk paint and love how it covered, the same as the white.  So, I used a small circle sponge to cover the doily in the black paint to finish off the seat.

Unfortunately, my first attempt failed miserably.

Barstools 7

Yeah…I put too much paint on it.  Oops.

So, I had to sand off the paint and repaint it white.  Thankfully, I only did this to one of the seats.  But, this is how all the seats turned out.

Barstools 8

I am so happy I finally figured out how much paint to put on the doily.  Because honestly, this looks so much better than the first one.  Hooray!

the final step in my bar stools was painting the legs black.  I used the American Decor chalk paint that I had used previously and covered the legs, bars, and underside of the seat.  It took about 2 coats of paint with some touch ups, but it wasn’t too bad!

And finally, here are what they looked like when they were done!

Barstools 9Barstools 10

I absolutely love how they turned out.  They look so much better than I was expecting and I am happy!  I hope that I can work on more furniture and show you what I did!

I hope you all enjoyed my blog post.  The stools are awesome and I can’t wait to do more fun projects for you to see!



Thrift Store Metal Medallion Makeover

It’s November! The weather is finally cooler here, at least in the mornings and evenings. And we have finally had some much needed rain! It’s been wonderful! This type of weather brings back memories of the sound of the chainsaw as my dad trimmed the trees in the back yard. My sister and I would use the cut branches to make forts over the swing-set. Of course, it only lasted a day. My dad would take the branches, cut them up and cart them away.

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I found these metal medallions at the local Goodwill a couple of week ago. I knew right away what I wanted to make (for once!). I had found some chalk paint at Walmart made by Waverly and wanted to try it out.

Metal Medallion Makeover

I bought the white chalk paint and painted two coats on each medallion.

Metal Meddalion Makeover Waverly Chalk Paint

Metal Medalion Makeover Paint

After the paint had dried, I used the Waverly Antique wax to spread on the raised areas.

Metal Medallion Antique Wax

I put a little on a rag, wiped some off on the paper I was using to protect the floor and then went over each piece, lightly.

Metal Medallion Waverly Antique wax

I went over the edges too. After is was covered, I kept rubbing to buff it out a little bit.

Metal Medallion Antique Waxing

Here are all three! I like how each one is a little different and I really like how they turned out.

metal medallion decor

I had never used an antiquing wax before, but I really like it. It gives it a little bit of a farmhouse look.

metal medallions mantel decor

Here you get a little peek of my faux fireplace. It’s almost done! I will be showing it off next week!

metal medallion fall decor

Hope you all have a wonderful week! See you next time with my fireplace!

Sunshine and Blessings