Corner News-November 6, 2015

Good morning! This post is really late.  First of all, I totally forgot it was my turn to post. Lauren reminded me Thursday evening, but I had a meeting that night and didn’t get it done. Then I worked Friday and when I got home, my computer started acting up. So now I am on Haley’s laptop trying to get this done! So beyond all that…here is Corner News!

Of course, our puppy again! This picture was just too precious not to post!

Copy of IMG_47622

I also thought I would share a couple of our Halloween costumes. Several people wanted to see the Mary Poppins costume, so here it is. It was dark already, but hopefully you get the idea.

IMG_4735 - Edited

Here are the 3 of us, plus Rozy!

IMG_4753 - Edited

Check back on Monday for the Fauxplace reveal and something new! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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