Organization for the New Year

Wow! Christmas is over! Can you believe it!? We had a wonderful family day on Thursday, just the four of us. On Christmas Day, we spent the morning at the animal shelter helping out and then spent the rest of the day with my husband’s family. On Saturday, we went to my parents for the afternoon and evening. I got to spend time with my 2 favorite great-nieces (Hi girls!!). I had so much fun playing with them and reading books with them. The 3 year old was so excited about one of her presents, she actually squealed! So fun to have little ones around again!

But now, back to reality. Time to get organized! At least this is when I usually tackle it. I leave my Christmas decor up until New Years Day, so I have these few day to get all my paperwork in order. My husband and I already went through our files of documents, such as warrenties,  policies and receipts. Now on to my overstuffed cupboard!  See all those papers piled there? Yeah…I have my work cut out for me.


Once I get the papers separated, they will go into these binders. I know most things are on the internet and Pinterest now, but sometimes I just like to sit and go through a book of ideas. I guess I am old fashioned that way. I have a binder for  crafts, travel, recipes and parties, and decorating.


I have these fancy schmancy dividers!! I am just so fancy like that!


Ugh! This is what I pulled out of the cupboard and a few other random places. I divide it up by categories as best as I can. I have a few pieces of chocolate to help me get through! We do what we have to do!!


Now it looks even worse, but I have gone through it and divided it up into categories and placed the papers that go into each binder, together.


I pull out each binder, 3-hole punch the paper and then place it into the correct spot. This year I really went through the old stuff and cleaned it out. Anything outdated, or I know I will never do or try, or it’s just not my style anymore, got thrown into this huge pile on the floor. Hello recycle!


So my binders are all updated and placed back in the cupboard. It really feels good to get that done.

One last tip to show you. If you have pets, which we have several of (ahem), keeping a pet medical file is a huge help. I used to have to go through the file cabinet to find when they last had shots or other information, but then a fellow dog person in 4-H showed me this wonderful idea. Take a 3-ring binder and divide it up by each animal. Hole punch each paper that goes with that animal and put it behind their name. Ta-da! No more searching. I have all the vaccine information, micro-chip numbers, any meds they take, all at my fingertips.

Here is the front. Duke is no longer with us and I have to add Scamp and Rozy.


Here is Ezzy’s section. Behind her picture are all her medical records, starting from when we got her through today.


Even the micro-chip records are in here. Putting in a plug for micro-chips. Get it done!!! It helped us find Chica once when she was lost.


So there you have it! Just a couple of tips to help you get organized for 2016! I hope you all have a safe and happy new year!

Sunshine and Blessings


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