Creating Your Own Sweater Stockings

The stockings were hung by the chimney in care…okay, we don’t have a chimney, but we do have a fireplace now! But I still didn’t hang the stockings there. Instead I used an old ladder for some and a new one for the others! I love how they look on the ladders with some cozy blankets thrown over. I showed you the stockings I was making for my pooches and kitties, but I thought I would give you a little more of a tutorial for them.

I started out with a pile of sweaters from a thrift store. They have a deal where you fill a handheld shopping basket and get the whole thing for $7.00. Pretty good deal! I found 7 sweaters in colors that I liked and thought would work for this project. Only 1 buck each! I looked for sweaters with a design, or pockets or buttons that I thought would add something extra to the stocking. (only 6 made it in the picture :))Sweater Stocking Tutorial Pile

Here is the stocking I used for the pattern. As you can tell, not really my style. After sewing this one, I realized I should have put the top of the stocking at the bottom of the sweater. The tops didn’t stretch out so much when I used the binding at the bottom or the neckline at the top of the sweater.

Sweater Stocking Tutorial Traceing

I’m going to be using a different sweater for the rest of the tutorial, because it was an oops. I traced the pattern on the outside of the sweater instead of the inside. ūüė¶ But it still ended up working out! I actually got 2 stockings from the sweater. I think it was actually a dress. Notice how the top of the stocking will be on the neck of the sweater.

Sweater Stocking Tutorial Outline

After tracing the pattern it was time to sew. My favorite thing! NOT! But I did it anyway! I sewed right along the line I had drawn. Just don’t sew the top! That is your opening to put the gifts in!

Sweater Stocking Tutorial Seam

Once the sewing is done, cut around the edge. I cut just to the outside of the stitching.

Sweater Stocking Tutorial Cut

Here is the stocking all cut out.

Sweater Stocking Tutorial Inside Out

I turned the stocking right side out, which was actually inside out, but whatever! Then I took a piece of the binding from the neck that was left over and cut a little strip off.

Sweater Stocking Tutorial Ribbing

This will make my loop for hanging. I sewed it on with the machine, but it could easily be hand-stitched too.

Sweater Stocking Tutorial Loop

The collar of the sweater had some buttons on it so I cut them off and added them to the front of the stocking where the diamonds of the argyle met.

sweater stocking tutorial buttons

And there it is! It doesn’t looks to bad being inside out! I hung this one in my bedroom.

sweater stocking tutorial finished

Here are a couple of the others hanging by the dining room tree. I finished 8 of them in all! If I can make these, anybody can! I love how they look warm and cozy plus you can make them to match any decor,

sweater christmas stockings

Thanks for following along! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Sunshine and Blessings




Corner News-December 11,2015

Welcome to another edition of the Corner News. ¬†Christmas is just around the corner and finals are upon us. ¬†Hooray…

But on a happier note, I got myself an early Christmas present. ¬†Even though I won’t be able to actually bring it home for a little while, it is still very exciting.

Meet Zoella!


This little bundle of joy is only 5 weeks old, but I was able to put down a deposit on her yesterday. ¬†She is at the animal shelter that my family volunteers with, Valley Animal Haven, and she is absolutely precious! ¬†My mom and sister were actually at the shelter when she and her two brothers were born. ¬†And, I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her and I can’t wait to bring her home!


By the way, the first picture was taken two weeks ago and the second one was taken yesterday.  I am so excited to bring her home and watch her grow up.

So, that is definitely the most exciting thing that happened these past two weeks.  Hope everyone is doing well and if you have finals, good luck!


Soup Party Table Setting

As the weather is changing and getting colder, there is nothing better than having a nice bowl of warm soup.  And sometimes, people have a soup party where they invite others over to bring a type of soup to share with everyone.  And even though I will not be hosting a soup party this year, I wanted to show what my table setting would be if I hosting a soup party.DSCF5201

It is very simple, I know.  But it looks elegant.


I have grey place mats at each place setting.  I have added a bowl, a small plate for bread, a small mug, and a soup spoon.  It looks so nice!DSCF5207

I added a nice bowl that has woodsy stuff in it. ¬†My roommate Hannah put this together, so I don’t know where she bought everything from, but it looks really pretty!


The next thing I added was a glass cylinder full of colorful disco balls.  I bought the disco ball ornaments from Grocery Outlet for $1 a package.  I added a book underneath the cylinder to add height.  Plus all of the colors look cool when I take the picture with flash.


The last thing I added was this decoupaged ¬†candlestick that I’ve shown you before. ¬†It goes great with just about anything that I decorate with. ¬†It adds a lot of variety in the heights of the centerpieces.

So that is it.  That is my table setting.  Nothing super fancy, but it does look very nice and inviting.



Red Truck Story and Wrapping Gifts

Many, many moons ago, when I was a little girl, my dad owned a Forest Green Ford F100. I sure wish he still had it today! I would paint it Apple Green and have it all decked out. I would wave goodbye to him in the morning when he left for work. By the way, my mom made me that nightgown. ūüôā

pam and dads truck 2


Several years ago, my mom purchased a similar truck as a gift for him. It is red, but it is the same model. I used it under my clear lamp with some snow and bottlebrush trees. I love how nostalgic it is!

truck and trees

It looks great with the tree in the back, ready to be taken home and decorated for Christmas!

truck and 3 trees

Do you see the fireplace in the background? Love it!!

truck and tree and fireplace 2

Now on to the rest of the post.

It is my friend, L’s, birthday today. Happy birthday! So I put together this gift for her. I’m posting a little later today so she won’t see this until after I give her the present. Sneaky, huh?! I made a couple of things and picked up a few things at the store. So simple really. This would work great for any and white present gifts

You can’t go wrong with chocolate and a candle.

black and white present candy and candle

I made this tassel key ring for her using purple (one of her favorite colors) embroidery floss. I added a dog tag and a couple of charms.

black and white present tassle

I also made her this sign using her favorite verse. I used different fonts, printed it out on the computer, traced over it on the board and then wrote it in with Sharpie.

black and white present sign

I added black and white polka-dot tissue and some shredded paper to the box. I placed all the goodies inside. Then I wrapped the box in black and white paper, added sparkly black tulle, and finished the top with a red ornament with the initial ‘L.’

black and white and red monogram present

I didn’t want it too Christmasy, since it’s for a birthday, but I really like how it looks so festive! This would definitely work for a Christmas gift too!


I really hope she likes her gift. I will let you know next time! Have a lovely week!

Sunshine and Blessings

Corner News-December 4, 2015

You better watch out! Christmas is only a 3 weeks away! Are you ready!? I am ready for a break from preschoolers and to just be able to relax at home. This time of year at school is just so crazy!! The children’s heads are filled with Santa, Elves, presents, parties and not school!! It’s fun to see the season and excitement through their eyes.

One project I worked on last weekend was making some stockings for our furry friends. All we had were some cheap ones in red and green. They so didn’t go with my Rustic Glam decor!! ūüôā I bought some sweaters at a thrift store in colors or designs that I liked. I turned them inside out and traced one of the old stockings with a pen. Then I sewed around the stitching, except for the top opening. After it was sewed, I cut it out. I sewed it first so it wouldn’t fray. I used some of the trim from the sweater to decorate the stocking, such as buttons and pockets. I love how they look! I will add a monogram as soon as we can decide who gets which one!

sweater stockings

sweater christmas stockings

This tree is in my dining room. It’s hard to see, but it is decorated with Shiny Brite ornaments and the colors start with silver at the top, down to gold, and then to turquoise. I love it! I keep finding these ornaments at the thrift stores and I snatch them up. I have found a bunch of pink ones for Lauren too.

sweater stockings and tree

Here is my new addition to my fireplace! Oohh! I am so excited to curl up by the fire!sweater stockings fireplace

Have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday!

Sunshine and Blessings