Pallet Wood Mirror

Today is Martin Luther Kings birthday here in the U.S. I actually teach my preschoolers a little bit about him. I’m always surprised at the important questions they ask. I explain that only some of them can go to the playground today and of course, they don’t think that is fair. It gives them just a little taste of what Martin Luther King fought for.

Here is the piece of mirror I fought with a couple of weeks ago :). Here is the project I was working on when the mirror broke. My husband took the broken piece and using a glass cutter, cut off the broken corner.

pallet wood mirror piece

He picked out some of the pallet pieces we had laying around and cut four pieces to make a frame. He cut a 45 decree miter cut so all the corner would fit together nicely. I don’t have measurements for you, because he just went by the size of the mirror.

Pallet wood mirror miter cut

Screws were put in at each corner, on the sides, to hold it all together.

pallet wood mirror frame

He cut out indention’s in the back with a router bit for the mirror to sit in.

pallet wood mirror router inside for mirror

Here is the front, ready to have the mirror placed in it.

pallet wood mirror wooden frame

It took a couple of tries, but now the mirror fits perfectly.

pallet wood mirror with mirror inset

We didn’t have any type of brackets or anything to hold the mirror in place, so my husband used some plumbers tape we had on hand and screwed it on, overlapping the frame and the mirror. I probably would have attached it corner to corner, but so far this is working too.

pallet mirror backside plumbers tape

It worked! Now to clean it up and find a spot for it in the house.

pallet wood mirror finished

I placed it on a small table in the dining room and it looks pretty good there! I like how it’s kind of rustic and farmhouse looking. Don’t mind the mess in the mirror’s reflection. That’s the dog’s toy corner!

pallet mirror view

My husband doesn’t usually have much time to work on extra projects, so this was a great! I love how it turned out and can’t wait to try it in different areas of the house.

pallet wood mirror styled

Be sure to come back on Friday to celebrate our One Year Blogiversary!  See you then!

Sunshine and Blessings

28 thoughts on “Pallet Wood Mirror

  1. Karen G says:

    That is an awesome mirror. I used to do more crafts like that but haven’t lately. You are making me itch to get out the spray paint. Thanks for sharing at #LetsGetRealSocial


  2. Stefani says:

    I’m visiting from Let’s Get Real linkup, and I love this idea so much! I’m all about the rustic flair, and this would be something that would go perfect in my house! Thanks for sharing!


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