How To Use Spray Paint for Home Decor

Good morning! I posted this last year, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to put it out there again for you all!

Summer time is my time to get some larger projects done at home. We are finishing up a lot of the work in the living room and I am so pleased with how it is turning out! What a huge difference flooring and opening up spaces does to a room. I can’t wait to show you all! I have a few more things to finish up and then it will be ready to go!

How to use spray paint for your home decor

Last week, my favorite blogger, KariAnne, from Thistlewood Farms, blogged about spray painting different items for your home. Please hop over and take a look! I started thinking about all the items I have spray painted. In fact, my mom laughs at me when I say, ‘Just spray paint it!” ūüôā So I thought I would make my own list too. Some of the items are the same as Karianne’s, but most are different. There are just so many options!

1. Frames

I have painted SO many frames!! I find the outdated ones with fancy woodwork on them at the thrift store, take them home and spray paint them. You can paint them any color to match your decor. I have made mine into chalkboards, Christmas decor, or gasp! an actual frame!

pink christmas black frame wall decor


2. Outdoor Furniture

Spray paint is a great way to refresh our outdoor furniture. The furniture can get faded and worn over time and this revives it. Be sure to clean the pieces well before painting. These Adirondack chairs are plastic and were a hunter green color, so I pulled out my favorite turquoise color and they look great! In fact, I just repainted them a couple of weeks ago! I also used spray paint on the metal furniture. Black is a great basic color and makes them look fresh and clean.

Transitional Back Patio Full view 2015

outdoor patio chair cushions recovered

3. Dishes

I wouldn’t recommend actually using these painted dishes to eat off of, but its great for decor pieces. The pitcher had an 80’s design on it, but a few coats of white spray paint and it is up to date.

spray paint white pitcherspray paint starfish plate

4. Home Decor

Do you have a vase you really like, but the color doesn’t go with your decor? Or find a piece in the thrift store, but it doesn’t match? That’s right! Paint it! This cow was too cute to pass up. A fresh coat of white paint, and she is perfect!

spray paint home decor cow

5. Indoor Furniture

I have painted beds, dressers, chairs and so many other furniture pieces. I usually paint larger pieces by hand. But if the piece is rattan or wicker, spray paint is so much easier. It can get into all the little spaces better than a brush. I used white spray paint on this rattan table for my living room.

spray paint white rattan table

6. Lamps

Again, wicker is so much easier to paint with spray paint. You can also use paint for the base of an outdated table lamp. Put a pretty new shade on it and you are all set.

spray paint silver lamp

7. Wooden Signs

I spray painted the background on this sign and then hand painted the letters. This will work for any piece of wood. On the¬†second sign I added chip letters to form the word ‘Laundry.”

lazy days and lemonade wooden sign potting table

Laundry room letter sign

8. Planters

I made these planters years ago from a concrete block, but I have also painted regular ceramic or plastic flower pots. Spray paint is great for covering any type of surface!

concrete planter stencil succulents

There you go! 8 different ways to use spray paint, and there are so many more! What have you transformed with spray paint? I would love to hear from you! Thank you so much for following along!


My Vintage Chair Makeover

This is a re-post from last year. Hope you enjoy!

I’m back today with another makeover! I have so many projects and I am trying to get them done before¬† summer will be over and I will be back in school!! It’s much harder during the school year.

grandpas chair anchor pillow.jpgtitle


This chair belonged to my Grandpa, my dad’s dad. He was born in 1898 . He sailed here from Holland and met his wife on the ship. They were married after they arrived in the United States. We have even found their names on the registry at Ellis Island. So much history! My dad received this chair after my grandpa passed away many years ago and it was in my parents room for a long time. My mom was ready for something different and asked if I wanted it. Of course! It has sat in Lauren’s room for a couple of years and I finally decided it was time to renew it.


First I had to take off all the old material and batting.  Do you see all the little nailhead tacks? Yep, I had to remove all of those, plus staples.

grandpas chair makeover seat

I used a small screwdriver and pliers to help me pull them all out.

This isn’t very pretty :(. I will have to figure out something to cover it up.

grandpas chair makeover

Here is what was underneath everything. I pulled out all these nails too. The ‘stuffing’ is just a pillow inserted into the middle.

grandpas chair makeover wooden seat and pillow

Here it is, all naked. I tightened up the straps with a few more staples underneath and gave the wood a good cleaning. Then I used some antiquing wax on the brown wood to freshen it up a bit.

grandpas chair taken apart

I used the material from the old cover as a pattern to cut out a new one. I had some painters cloth and decided to use that for my cover. I laid the old one on top of the cloth and cut around it. I had to do some trimming afterwards.

grandpas chair seat cover and pad

It didn’t quite come out straight! After trimming, I sewed the two sides together, leaving the back open to insert new padding. ¬†Notice, I purposely left the hem on the back so I wouldn’t have to sew it! ūüôā #justLOVEsewing!! #NOT!

grandpas chair seat fabric

The padding that was in it was in pretty good shape, so I used it again.

I found this pretty twisted trim at Hobby Lobby and thought it would look relly good with the chair, plus it would cover up all the ugly holes. I used the tacks again, but no as many this time.

grandpas chair trim

I did freshen up the paint a bit too, but just with the same color. It’s done and ready to live out more days in our home. ¬†It’s perfect with the beach theme right now!

grandpa's chair styled

I used neutral colors so it would go easily into any room in our home.

grandpas chair top viewgrandpas chair anchor pillow

Thanks for coming by and hope you have a wonderful week!

Sunshine and Blessings

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sketcher makeover 6

Ugly April

vintage beverage cart with tassels

Window Shopping at Wayfair

*This blog post contains affiliate links.*

Hi guys! Have you ever looked or shopped at the website Wayfair? I really hadn’t looked at it too much before, but once I did, oh my goodness! Do they have some beautiful stuff!¬†With one of the world’s largest selections of furniture, home furnishings, d√©cor, and goods, including more than seven million products from over 7,000 suppliers, Wayfair helps people find the perfect product for the right price. Their extensive selection and superior customer service coupled with the convenience of online shopping (and free shipping on any order over $49!), make it easier than ever to find exactly what you want for your home at a price you can afford. Here are a few things I found.

You can shop by style if you have a particular style in mind. There are choices like Coastal (my favorite!), Modern, Glam, Traditional, Global, Industrial, Rustic and Cottage. Of course there are all different categories too, like rugs, home accents, wall decor, mirrors and so much more!

Of course I chose Coastal to try first! How about some new sheets for the bed? Or a pretty lamp? A starfish pillow is a must!


Sailboats       Santibanez Bench     Whale Sculpture   Damask Sheets    Tatum Nightstand     Starfish Pillow     Wild Stars Globe Pendant

How about a little Hawaiian Paradise in your own backyard?


Kepir End Table   Shelly Bay Pink/Green Rug   Geometric Throw Pillow     Banana Leaf Plate  Brunson Tree Hammock    Canvas/Bamboo Director Chair     Arched Floor Lamp

I just had to include these! Pink flamingo sheets! So cute!!


Flamingo Sheets

There are just too many cute items at Wayfair to include them all. You will just have to head on over and check it out yourself!

*If you make a purchase, a little bit comes back to homeonthecorner.*


Steps to Painting Farmhouse Chairs with a Brush

Happy summer! I have so many projects to do!  Eeekkk! One at a time, right?

So I started with my kitchen chairs. I have the chairs that actually belong to my grandma’s table, but they were getting so much use, I didn’t want them to get too worn out. So when the girls were young, we bought 6 oak ones at a liquidation store. Nothing fancy, just something to have around the table. But by now, they were pretty worn too. Paint time!

Kitchen chair makeover

I know there are lots of different ways to paint and products to use, but I thought I would share what works for me. This time I used just a good old brush and can of paint. I am going to try chalk paint next time and I would like to try a sprayer too, just sayin’!

I cleaned up the chairs, removing dust and any leftover food. I find it easiest to turn the chairs upside down so I can make sure all the underneath is primered and painted well. I didn’t sand this time, and the primer seemed to hold pretty well.

kitchen chair makeover paint underside

There are hundreds of different primers out there, but Kilz is the one I like the best. It goes on thick and covers really well. I have never had any problems with it not adhering or peeling off.

kitchen chair makeover Kilz pimer

After the underside of the chairs was dry, I turned them over and primered the top. Be sure to let all the coats dry before starting a new one. I painted just one coat of primer on all the chairs.

kitchen chair makeover primered

As you can see, I had a very curious kitty come by to see what I was doing! I debated about leaving the pawprints because they looked so cute, but I did end up painting over them. The kitty does still have paint on her ear though!

kitchen chair makeover kitty pawprints

Once all the primer was dry, it was time for the paint! I followed the some pattern as with the primer. Turn the chairs over and start underneath. When it’s dry, paint the top. I used Orchard Supply brand paint, Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White. I did paint a second coat of the paint, but I purposely did not do complete coverage.

kitchen chair makeover painted cloud white

I wanted the chairs to have more of a farmhouse look to them. A little worn. Plus I don’t have to worry if the dogs or cats do a little scratching on them.

kitchen chair makeover farmhouse

Again, wait for everything to dry and then add a protective finish over the whole chair. I used Minwax Water Based Polycrylic Finish. It goes on very smoothly and dries quickly. It’s not tacky to the touch and it cleans up great.

kitchen chair makeover minwax polycrylic finish

They are all ready to sit at the table again! I love the white! What a difference! I have 2 more to paint and then the farmhouse table. I am going to do the table with chalk paint. I will let you know how that goes!


So fresh and clean! I think Ezzy likes them too!

kitchen chair makeover white farmhouse

I will see you next time with the table! Have a great week!

Sunshine and Blessings

Pallet Wood Mirror

Today is Martin Luther Kings birthday here in the U.S. I actually teach my preschoolers a little bit about him. I’m always surprised at the important questions they ask. I explain that only some of them can go to the playground today and of course, they don’t think that is fair. It gives them just a little taste of what Martin Luther King fought for.

Here is the piece of mirror I fought with a couple of weeks ago :). Here is the project I was working on when the mirror broke. My husband took the broken piece and using a glass cutter, cut off the broken corner.

pallet wood mirror piece

He picked out some of the pallet pieces we had laying around and cut four pieces to make a frame. He cut a 45 decree miter cut so all the corner would fit together nicely. I don’t have measurements for you, because he just went by the size of the mirror.

Pallet wood mirror miter cut

Screws were put in at each corner, on the sides, to hold it all together.

pallet wood mirror frame

He cut out indention’s in the back with a router bit for the mirror to sit in.

pallet wood mirror router inside for mirror

Here is the front, ready to have the mirror placed in it.

pallet wood mirror wooden frame

It took a couple of tries, but now the mirror fits perfectly.

pallet wood mirror with mirror inset

We didn’t have any type of brackets or anything to hold the mirror in place, so my husband used some plumbers tape we had on hand and screwed it on, overlapping the frame and the mirror. I probably would have attached it corner to corner, but so far this is working too.

pallet mirror backside plumbers tape

It worked! Now to clean it up and find a spot for it in the house.

pallet wood mirror finished

I placed it on a small table in the dining room and it looks pretty good there! I like how it’s kind of rustic and farmhouse looking. Don’t mind the mess in the mirror’s reflection. That’s the dog’s toy corner!

pallet mirror view

My husband doesn’t usually have much time to work on extra projects, so this was a great! I love how it turned out and can’t wait to try it in different areas of the house.

pallet wood mirror styled

Be sure to come back on Friday to celebrate our One Year Blogiversary!  See you then!

Sunshine and Blessings