tassel necklace title

Have you made tassels before? I remember making these as a kid, and they are still cool now! I wrapped embroidery thread around a piece of cardboard that was the length I wanted. Keeping the string together, but pulling it off the cardboard, I opened up the o-ring and wrapped it through the thread at the top. I closed the o-ring and then I tied another piece of thread around the top, just under the o-ring. Trim the bottom of the thread until it is even. I will get up pictures as soon as I can.  Now you get to add the fun stuff!

Here are some of the pieces I gathered from around the house plus I bought a few from Hobby Lobby. I have kept a pitcher, since the girls were small, with all little trinkets that were broken or came off of other jewelry or toys.

tassel key chain pieces and parts

I took an o-ring and stretched it a little with the pliers so I could add some items to it. The first one I did for Lauren. I added a pink heart, a white piece from an earring, a key and her initial.

tassel key chain jump ring

I love the kind of old-fashioned look of the ‘L.’ This one I added to a chain for a necklace.

tassel necklace pink heart 'L'

tassel necklace pink heart 'L' initial

The next one is also a necklace. I found this piece with the words ‘Be Strong and Courageous’ and knew I wanted to add it. I added another piece from an earring and some chain and beads from a broken necklace. (sorry for the blurry picture!)

tassel necklace be strong and courageous

Lastly I did a key-chain. I especially love the colors of this one. The thread has some shine to it and is so pretty. I had a little sparkly Scottie Dog from an old necklace and a charm with clocks on it. I added some turquoise pony beads too.

tassel keychain turquoise numbers

There are so many different ways to make these! I especially like that you can personalize them. Thanks for coming by today!

Sunshine and Blessings





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