Hi! I’m here today with some of my thrifty Goodwill finds. Sometimes, I actually find a bargain or two. Our Goodwill has some pretty wonky prices out there- sometimes, good, sometimes bad. Here is a good example. I had seen 2 of these Nate Berkus gold and white bowls, but they were priced individually at $3.99. I really didn’t want to pay that much, plus there were only 2.

fabulous finds gold bowls feb 2016

I went back a couple of weeks later and there was a stack of 4 all being sold together. The price? $6.99 for 4. Um…something isn’t quite right there. 2 for $7.98 or 4 for $6.99? Yeah, I find that a lot.

fabulous finds nate berkus gold bowls feb 2016

My next find was even better! My daughter Haley is a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan. Well, I’m not sure if it’s the movie or Johnny Depp.:) This book was sitting way on the top of the shelf. It was put out by Disney as a hardcover coffee table book and is priced at $50.00. The Goodwill price? $2.99! I can handle that!

fabulous finds Pirate book feb 2016

The pictures are amazing! It shows sketches done by Disney artists, that depict scenes from the movies. There are also lots of storyboards. It is so cool to looks through. Here is a sketch of one of the ships.

fabulous finds pirate ship feb 2016

Here is the artist rendition of Captain Jack Sparrow. I thing Johnny Depp decided on his own rendition!!!

fabulous finds captain jack feb 2016

My last bargain is a succulent wreath. I had read another blog where someone made one and she stated that you need about 25 succulent plants for the wreath. Well, even if I bought the plastic ones from the 99 Cent Store, it would cost me $25 just for the plants. This wreath was marked at $13.99, and it still had the Target tags on it. I figured that was a pretty good deal. I took it to the register and the cashier took 70% off because he said it was a Christmas item! What…! I told Lauren to grab the other one too and I got them each for $4.19! Thank you cashier!

succulent wreath

succulent wreath closeup

I’m excited to be able to put this up for summer! Thanks for coming by today!

Sunshine and Blessings


  1. Janet Vinyard says:

    What interesting finds! I also find Goodwill to be inconsistent in their pricing of certain items. It really paid off for you to go back to find the Nate Berkus bowls at such a great price! I guess my best ever buy at Goodwill was an electric pressure cooker, that had obviously never been used, with all the pieces and the manual for $20. I looked it up online and it was worth $80. I did the happy dance that day! Blessings, Janet


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