Corner News-March 5, 2016

It smells like rain!! Yay!! We haven’t had much rain this past month, so this is very welcome. The grass is so green, but now it needs mowed. The blossoms are almost gone from the trees, leaving behind the bright green new leaves. Lots of pretty color flowers too!

I received these sweet little flowers for Valentine’s Day from one of my students. She was so excited to give them to me!  My kitchen window is the best spot in the house for them, plus I get to enjoy them a lot!

potted flower on windowsill

I painted this little crate this week. It was just unfinished wood, so I painted it grey with a little white dry-painted over the top. The flower arrangement was created by one of my girls many years ago when they were trying to earn a badge for a girls club they were in. Of course, I still have it!

white crate and easter floral

I had this little fish tank in my classroom. I had the bowl and added the foamy fish. The kids knew the fish weren’t real, but the sure were confused about the turtle! It’s always fun to keep them on their toes!

fish bowl with turtle

Happy Saturday!!

Sunshine and Blessings

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