Another Closet, Another Organization

Everyone has a closet that is stuffed full of stuff where you can’t see what’s in there.  You know, things like wrapping paper, clothes, suitcases, sheets, and other stuff.

No…just me.  Okay.

Anyway.  So in my apartment, I have a closet in my bedroom and a hall closet to put all of my stuff in.  Now, this may seem like I have a lot of room to put stuff in and store everything.  Unfortunately, I have so much stuff that this doesn’t really work out.  Because this, is what my hall closet looks like.

Closet BeforeCloset Before 2

There is so much stuff in this closet that I never want to open it because it isn’t clean.  I don’t actually know what’s all in the closet, but it is a mess.  I had everything from kitchen stuff I wasn’t using to a tool box to jeans because they didn’t fit in my closet or my dresser.

Step 1: Clear out everything in the closet.  I literally pulled out everything that was in the closet and set it on the floor and the stairs so that I could see what I all had.

Closet Stuff 1Closet Stuff 2

Closet Empty

Look!  It’s Empty!

Step 2: Find little things that can be stored in other things.  So, I had extra sheets for my bed that I kept in the closet.  I had my printer box that was still in the closet, so I was able to fit all of the sheets in the printer box to make more room for other items.  I also put all of my gift and Christmas stuff (so gift bag, wrapping paper, a small Christmas tree, a tree topper, you get the point) into my big suitcase.  It worked out perfectly!

Step 3:  Fit everything on shelves about the same size.  I put a few of the bigger items on the shelves that they were originally on.  I kept the top shelf pretty much the same, printer box, movies, and a bag of craft stuff.  I also kept the suitcases on the bottom shelf because they didn’t fit on other shelves.  I did move some things, like me jeans, to the floor where there was more room.

Step 4: Put everything back in the closet.  Now, it’s time to fit everything else on the shelves.  Surprise!  You may now be able to fit more stuff in the closet!

Step 5: Step back and admire how nice and neat your closet looks!

Closet AfterCloset After 2

I am so happy that I took this apart and back together.  It looks much cleaner and organized.  I was actually able to place more things in the closet to make my bedroom a little cleaner.  Now, if it can actually stay that way, that would be fantastic!


14 thoughts on “Another Closet, Another Organization

  1. samantha says:

    We have a crazy closet like this too. I don’t even want to think about trying to organize it right now. Hopefully one day I will feel inspired. It does feel good to complete a project like that. 🙂


  2. doveknoll says:

    Good job! Now if you’ll just come over and reorganize my closet. No? Shoot, guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and do it myself. Ugh. Lol. You did inspire me to do it though and I will…soon. I promise. 😉


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