Corner News-May 21, 2016

Hello everyone.  Apologies for no blog post yesterday.  I was studying for finals and it completely slipped my mind.

So…anyway.  Onto the corner news!

I am done with finals!  Hooray!  I can now spend the entire summer working and working on blog posts and getting rid of my terrible farmer’s tan.  Yeah!


And I am having another Posh Party tomorrow!  I’m having a lot of friends over and we are going to have a nice little get together.  Hopefully I can get more stuff posted and ready to sell.  I am excited to have friends over to just have fun and hang out.  It will be nice and relaxing to have people over.

So, that’s what has been and will be happening.  I hope that you all have a great weekend and I will post more about the party on Friday!


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