Laundry Room Update! Still Not Done :(

Is it summer vacation yet! I feel like I am really falling behind on getting things done around the house! This laundry room has been a looooooong process. Honestly, I am not sure it will ever be completely done.  I will just keep calling it my ‘half’ room. Half of a floor, half painted, half a washer and dryer… see what I mean? Maybe someday. But I can give you a little update :).

Laundry room letter sign title

Remember the lockers? They are successfully installed into the laundry room! I love them! Haley keeps telling me I need little chalkboards on each one labeling what’s inside! Steve added some shelves inside a few of them so I could store more items, like cleaning supplies and such.

lockers 2

Here you get a little peek at them on the sides. The big door hides the water heater plus stores a few other items like the mop and broom. Steve added some wood around it so it wasn’t just a big piece of plywood, but obviously that is only half done too. I haven’t got the painting done yet.

Laundry Room Makeover Large Door

I also have been working on a sign for the room that should have only taken a couple of hours, but has been weeks instead. I think this whole project is just not supposed to happen! It has just been one thing after another.

I took a scrap piece of wood and painted it white. I had a frame which was cut down to fit around the piece of wood. But…it didn’t fit quite right either. Wow. Oh well. I used it anyways.

laundry room sign frame

When I started writing this post, I realized I didn’t have the pictures for the letters that spelled out ‘laundry’, but I did have ones for ‘patio.’ So that is what we are going to work with! I have had these chipboard letters for years and I am trying to use them up by making words with whatever is left. I had some for ‘patio’ and ‘laundry.’


I picked out pieces of scrapbooking papers that were in the colors I wanted to use. I had lots of pieces at home, but there are lots of pretty designs at the craft stores too. Then I figured out the order I wanted them to go in. Play around with different layouts until you find what is pleasing to you.


I turned my paper over and laid the letter on it backwards. I traced around the letter and then cut it out.


Now I am ready to attach them. I used Modge Podge for mine. I brushed some onto the letter and then smoothed my paper down on top. I also brushed some Modge Podge over the top of the paper after it was aligned with the chipboard.


After all my letters were dry, I glued them onto the board. I laid them out first so I could see how much spacing I would need. I used tacky glue to attach them. I weighted them down with some book for awhile so they would be firmly glued on.

Now that you have all seen the ‘patio’ letters, let’s move on to ‘laundry’, shall we?

Here it is! The letters attached really well after being weighted down. Just that corner thing…

Laundry room chipboard letters

Laundry room letter sign

Here’s the corner, in all its glory. Maybe I can figure something out to cover it or put over it. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear it!

Laundry room makeover chipboard letters

I hope you all had an enjoyable Mother’s Day weekend. Here I am with my ‘little’ girls!

Mother's Day 2016

Have a wonderful day!!

Sunshine and Blessings

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!  This is a day to celebrate how amazing our mothers and grandmothers are and how they have helped to shape us to be who we are today.  We would like to celebrate with you on this day and wish every mother out there a wonderful Mother’s Day!
Sunshine and Blessingssparkle

Another Closet, Another Organization

Everyone has a closet that is stuffed full of stuff where you can’t see what’s in there.  You know, things like wrapping paper, clothes, suitcases, sheets, and other stuff.

No…just me.  Okay.

Anyway.  So in my apartment, I have a closet in my bedroom and a hall closet to put all of my stuff in.  Now, this may seem like I have a lot of room to put stuff in and store everything.  Unfortunately, I have so much stuff that this doesn’t really work out.  Because this, is what my hall closet looks like.

Closet BeforeCloset Before 2

There is so much stuff in this closet that I never want to open it because it isn’t clean.  I don’t actually know what’s all in the closet, but it is a mess.  I had everything from kitchen stuff I wasn’t using to a tool box to jeans because they didn’t fit in my closet or my dresser.

Step 1: Clear out everything in the closet.  I literally pulled out everything that was in the closet and set it on the floor and the stairs so that I could see what I all had.

Closet Stuff 1Closet Stuff 2

Closet Empty

Look!  It’s Empty!

Step 2: Find little things that can be stored in other things.  So, I had extra sheets for my bed that I kept in the closet.  I had my printer box that was still in the closet, so I was able to fit all of the sheets in the printer box to make more room for other items.  I also put all of my gift and Christmas stuff (so gift bag, wrapping paper, a small Christmas tree, a tree topper, you get the point) into my big suitcase.  It worked out perfectly!

Step 3:  Fit everything on shelves about the same size.  I put a few of the bigger items on the shelves that they were originally on.  I kept the top shelf pretty much the same, printer box, movies, and a bag of craft stuff.  I also kept the suitcases on the bottom shelf because they didn’t fit on other shelves.  I did move some things, like me jeans, to the floor where there was more room.

Step 4: Put everything back in the closet.  Now, it’s time to fit everything else on the shelves.  Surprise!  You may now be able to fit more stuff in the closet!

Step 5: Step back and admire how nice and neat your closet looks!

Closet AfterCloset After 2

I am so happy that I took this apart and back together.  It looks much cleaner and organized.  I was actually able to place more things in the closet to make my bedroom a little cleaner.  Now, if it can actually stay that way, that would be fantastic!


Finds and Fashions-Beige Edition

I’m back today with another Finds and Fashions! I decided to post another one like last week, but this time I used beige or tan as my base color. Beige does not have to be boring!!

My first beige piece is the cropped pants. I love these pants! They are just the right color of beige, they go with a lot of different tops and they are comfortable! I added a white sleeveless top with silver jewels at the neckline and then a coral and beige jacket over the top. The beige purse also has silver jewels. I finished it off with white sparkly sandals and silver hoop earrings.

*About the pup…she chooses to sit there! Every time I put an outfit down on the floor, she would come over and sit right next to it. Maybe she will be the next Top Model!!!*

finds and fashions tan capris and coral jacket

I love this jacket!! Take a look at the close-up! There are dogs on it!! I found this at Goodwill last year and of course, I couldn’t pass it up! It’s probably more fitting for fall, but I did just wear this outfit last week since it was still a little chilly. I layered it over a cream tank top and teal pants, though they look more blue in the picture. I added a multi-colored scarf, turquoise and beige sandals, a turquoise bracelet and silver earrings. Just the dogs on the jacket are included this time. 🙂

Finds and Fashions Tan Dog Jacket teal jeansfinds and fashions tan dog jacket closeup

I bought this kimono style floral jacket from ( I am not affiliated with Groopdeals, just enjoy shopping with them.). As soon as I saw it, I loved it! I paired it with a bright royal blue tank and white jeans.  A pearl bracelet, white earrings and blue sandals finish it off. I wore this for our school’s open-house a couple of weeks ago and it was very comfortable.

finds and fashions tan kimono floral jacket and white jeansfinds and fashions tan floral kimono jacket with white jeans closeup

If you would like to see a couple of other fashion posts, just click on the pictures below.

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Thanks for coming by! See you next time!!

Sunshine and Blessings


Toolbox Restyle-Blue Coastal Style

Hello! How was your weekend? We spent Friday night watching our local Triple A baseball team play, Saturday was a catch-up on blogging day and Sunday, I volunteered at the shelter after church. I would say it was successful!

I also worked on this Toolbox Restyle. As you know, I love the coastal and beachy style. And Lauren is kind of moving that way too when she moves into another place. She made this toolbox years ago as part of a 4-H Woodworking project. I have mostly used it outdoors with candles and such, but decided to fix it up for her to use in her new place. In the meantime, I get to enjoy it in my living room!

Toolbox makeover restyle title

I cleaned the box up and gave it a good polish and then wound some rope around the handle. I secured the ends with a little hot glue.

Tool Box MakeoverTool Box Makeover with roper

Next, I searched around the house for a few things to fill it with. I tried to add a little bit of navy blue, since that seems to be what Lauren is moving towards.

Tool Box makeover styled

I found this old paper spool of ribbon in Lauren’s stash. It had pink lace on it. I removed the lace and wrapped white and silver ribbon on it instead. I love the old spool!

Toolbox makeover ribbon spool

This bowl had been green. I liked the design and the shape, but not the color, so I spray-painted it white. I added some white rocks to the bottom, ‘planted’ the (faux) succulents and added a little garland of seashells. The bowl was the perfect fit for the middle section.

toolbox makeover succulents

I didn’t get a picture of the mason jar, but it hold some seashells and rocks Lauren had been saving. I covered the top of the lid with some scrapbooking paper.

This candle holder was purchased by my mom from Goodwill. It came in a set of three and I liked the height in the back of the box. Lauren and I talked about possibly cutting the little part off the top so she could use a pillar candle instead.

toolbox makeover candlestick

I found this block of wood in our wood stash and added some burlap and navy blue ribbon. A blue candle is perfect for the top and the block fit perfectly in the toolbox.

toolbox makeover wood block

There are so many different uses for this box. This would be great to change out for the different seasons too!

toolbox makeover spool, plants candlestoolbox makeover closeup

I’m glad I was able to do something with a piece of art Lauren made so many years ago. It will make a great conversation piece in her new place!

Want to see more coastal decor? Click on the pictures below!

dining room refresh driftwood bowl seashell garland      boho seashell mobile clam, snail   seashell speciman frame crab   Board with

Sunshine and Blessings