Corner News-Let’s Go to the Beach!

Hello everyone!  And welcome to another edition of the Corner News.  I had a great week this past week and wanted to share a mini vacation with you.

So, living in the central valley of California, we live about 2 hours from the coast.  And being that it has been so hot in California, Haley, my friend Bekah, and myself decided to take a beach trip.  We decided that we would drive my little cube the 2 hours and end up at Morro Bay.

We started our trip with some lunch at Bayside Cafe which is next to the marina.  It was a bit cloudy and cool when we arrived, but the sun was out when we left.  And of course, I started with the clam chowder in a bread bowl.  Yum!

Photo 1

We then drove into town and started shopping.  We started at a small shop that is like a thrift store kind of thing.  I don’t know what it is called exactly, but it is fun to look through.  I found this really cool chair in the store that was for sale.  I thought that it was absolutely adorable.

Next we went into the Garden Gallery.  It is a beautiful store that has a lot of decorations and of course, gardening stuff.  I found this really cool California pillow that I considered buying, but it didn’t really match my decor.

Photo 4

I also found this cute piggy bank that I had to take a picture of.

Photo 5

As we wandered down the Embarcadero, we came to a small knick knack shop with a lot of random and cool things.  We found their mask collection, and had to take a picture.

Photo 6

We finally made it to the beach where it was a beautiful day.  The sun was out, and we were able to sit on the beach without being cold or blown away.  Look at this weather!

Photo 7

Now, one of Haley and my favorite things to do when we go places is take pictures.  So, of course we were modeling for each other and taking lots of pretty pictures.  Like this one!

Photo 9

After sitting on the beach for a while, we decided to make our way to San Luis Obispo to go shopping.  But, we also went to Woodstock’s Pizza.  If you are ever in the San Luis or Davis areas of California, I highly recommend going to Woodstock’s.  It is delicious and a good price for amazing pizza!  So, we had a pepperoni pizza and delicious cinnamon bread for dessert.  YUMMY!

And this concludes our beach trip.  Don’t worry, we are already planning our next trip and where to go.  And don’t worry, I will take plenty of pictures while we are there.    I hope you enjoyed seeing my mini vacation!


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