Corner News-I AM ADDICTED!

So, unless you have to be living under a rock for the past week, many of you have heard of the new app called Pokemon Go.


Now, I will start off by saying that I didn’t understand why people liked the app so much.  I was never one who got into Pokemon when I was younger, so I didn’t really feel the need to download the app.

And honestly, I was making  a little bit of fun of my friends who had downloaded the app.  I thought it was a silly concept for people to have to leave their houses to go and collect Pokemon.  Wouldn’t it be easier to find Pokemon on a virtual map and not leave my house?

Unfortunately, my coworker and really good friend Elise told me to download the game and try it because a bunch of coworkers were going to a local park to hunt for Pokemon.  And since I love my coworkers I decided to try it out.


And now I regret it because I AM ADDICTED.

Yes, that’s right.  I went through 6 levels in 3 hours with my coworkers.  And, because you have to walk certain distances to hatch the eggs, I took a 30 minute walk to try to hatch 2 eggs.  Yeah…

Now, my two highest Pokemon are my Arbok and my Growlithe.  And my coworkers and I have planned to go Pokemon hunting once a week.  Addicted?  Probably.  How long will it last?  I don’t know.  But I know that for now, everyone loves it and I might as well join the trend.

Side Note: I originally typed up this blog on Wednesday the 13th.  Since then, I went on another Pokemon hunt with my coworkers and found just a few more Pokemon.

These are my current highest Pokemon.

And…I hatched two Magikarps in my eggs.  They are some of the hardest Pokemon to find and you need a lot of them to level up one.  And I hatched two.  My coworker Dean was not happy.




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