A Day at the Lake

Hi everyone! My post is a little different this time. No DIY! Just a few pictures from our day at a nearby lake! I finally got to go somewhere and just relax!

I took this picture on the way to the lake. Ezzy looks so excited, but Zoe, not so much!! This just makes me laugh every time. We haven’t taken Zoe anywhere yet, so this was her first major trip and she did so good!

lake day with the pups

Here are the nice brown foothills surrounding the lake. We are going through drought here in Ca., so while the lake is pretty full, the hills are very dry. This is just in the foothills, not too far up.

day at the lake

Lake Kaweah is actually a reservoir and is used to control flood waters when there is a lot of snow and is also used for irrigation for the surrounding farmland. It is usually full during May and June when the snow melts, but since we did have a little extra rain this year, it is still pretty full even in July.

day at the lake 2

We arrived around 11:00 and it was pretty quiet. Just a few other people and some boats and jet skis out on the water. By 2:00, it was pretty busy and we called it a day. Having all the dogs there and lots of people can get a little stressful. But the dogs really did quite well.

day at the lake shoreline

It was so nice to get out for awhile, even if it was just a few hours. We played a little frisbee in the water and I got to spend my time reading a book I have trying to get to all summer! We are hoping to get to another lake a little higher up in a couple of weeks and then hopefully to the beach before school starts. We all need a few of these breaks!

I will see you again on Wednesday! Hope you have a great week!

Sunshine and Blessings

10 thoughts on “A Day at the Lake

  1. repurposingjunkie says:

    It looks like you had a fun time at the lake! I’m glad the dogs did well; I’m sure they loved it! I’m also glad you got to read your book, so nice to have a little time for the things we enjoy.


  2. Samantha says:

    Hi Pam! What a beautiful lake. All of the lakes near us are dried out because of our horrible California drought. I hope next year we see more rain and they fill back up. Thanks for joining the Family Joy Link Party!


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