I have another Valentine post for you all today!  This idea I got from a couple of wonderful bloggers I follow. I just love their posts! They have the greatest ideas and wonderful homes. Please take time to check them out!

The first post is from Laura at FindingHomeonline.com. Here is the link to one of her ideas: http://findinghomeonline.com/christmas-table-ideas-mini-wood-slice-wreath-place-setting/

Here is another: http://findinghomeonline.com/wood-burlap-natural-fall-wreath/

Wood and Burlap Fall Wreath

Here is my version. I also made the small ones for my table settings, but I already have those packed away :(.


Then Karianne from ThistlewoodFarms came up with this one for Christmas: http://www.thistlewoodfarms.com/wood-slice-christmas-tree

Wood Slice Christmas Tree

So I made a similar one!

 I started out with some of the wood slices.  My husband cut mine from some tree branches he had pruned from some of our trees. You can also buy them already cut at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. He cut several different sizes.


While Karianne used an old chalkboard, I use a bulletin board I had taken out of Lauren’s room when she moved into her apartment. I stained the frame a little darker brown, using Minwax Wood Finish in Red Oak. Then I spray-painted the cork with black chalk paint. Since I was using a cork board, I glued a tack to the back of the wood slice and just stuck it into the cork. Here is my Christmas version. I added chalk for the trunk of the tree and the star.


So, since my wood pieces are movable, I decided to change it up for Valentines Day! I took the pieces off and then rearranged them into a heart. I wrote ‘Love’ in chalk across the top. Super easy!!

New Image


 This project was easy and something that is very versatile for any occasion.

Love, Pam


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