Ho Ho Ho Marquee Box

Well, I am starting some of my Christmas posts! Can you believe it is almost here? I actually worked on some different Christmas projects during the year so they would be ready to post. Good thing I started early!

I received this gift box last year for Christmas and knew I could do some cool project with it. Haley just rolled her eyes at me when I told her that. 🙂

I started with my box, and a string of lights. The lights were a 20 count, but I ended up using 100 count.

Ho Ho Ho lighted box supplies

I punched holes with a pencil from the front to the back. This way I could place them in the right spots and I wouldn’t have the extra cardboard sticking out on the front. I placed the holes in each of the letters of the ho, ho, ho. Then I started pushing the lights into the holes from the back. (sorry for the blur!)

ho ho ho lighted box  light holes

Here it is, from the back, with the 100 lights. There were some lights that didn’t go into holes, but 50 wouldn’t have been enough either.

ho ho ho lighted box 100 lights

And the front. Then it was just a matter of plugging it in and seeing if it would work

ho ho ho lighted box white lights

Yay! It works! And you can even tell what it is supposed to say!

ho ho ho lighted box in the dark

Now I have my own little marquee light!

ho ho ho lighted box lit up

Such a simple idea with a lot of impact! I’m sure you can find boxes similar this at the store too. I will be back next week with another idea!



6 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho Marquee Box

  1. acraftymix says:

    That’s such a lovely idea Pamela, bet Haley isn’t rolling her eyes at you anymore because it’s a great way to re-purpose a gift box. Thank you so much for sharing


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