Finds and Fashions-January 17, 2017

Hello again! It’s time for another Finds and Fashions…except I don’t have any (sigh). I really haven’t been out shopping or buying much lately, unless you count paint and primer, but that’s not too exciting.



I did take the doors off the coat closet that is right in front of the front door. It’s so close, you practically run into it. I want to remove the insides and the wall in the front, just to give a little more room. There is another coat closet in the hallway, so we really don’t need this one. (really bad picture…sorry!)


After I took the doors off, I realized I could put them together and form a kind of screen in front of the water heater. The water heater sits right inside the door into the laundry room and you can see it from the family room. This at least disguises it a bit. I want to do something pretty with it in the future.


We also brought this big window from the old house and are in the process of installing it between the dining room and kitchen. Can you guess what it is going to be when it is finished?  You also get a sneak peek into the dining room! This is the only room that is even a little bit decorated.


That’s going to be it for today! I hope you have a wonderful day and hopefully I can show you a little more progress on Monday!


Finds and Fashions

Good morning! How is your first week of 2017 going? We are busy working on projects in our home.We have a huge mess right now. Steve removed the popcorn ceiling before we moved in, but now we had the ceiling textured and next come the paint. We have been living inside a plastic wrapped house for the last couple of day. I will be very happy when this part is done and I can actually put the house together!

The post today isn’t really Finds and Fashions. I received these from my mom, but I thought they were pretty neat.

My Grandma made this quilt for one of my uncles. Each white square has one of the 50 states’ flower embroidered onto it. There was a lot of work put into this. I have done a lot of embroidery and cross-stitch, but I have never done a quilt. They always impress me.


The second item is this trunk. Hopefully I get the story right. Mom, let me know if I miss anything! My Grandma (same one as above), was born in 1903 in Colorado. Her parents decided to move and traveled in a wagon towards California. According to a great-aunt, this trunk was one of the items to travel in the wagon. They stayed in two other places, where 2 more daughters were born, before finally ending up in Lemoore, Ca.


My great-aunt had some items inside the trunk that were going to be used to repair it, but it was never done.


I think it is pretty cool just like it is! It looks like a pirate chest to me! I love having these family heirlooms in my home, especially when they have a cool story to tell!

Hope you have a great day!


Fabulous Finds and Fashions-Walmart Christmas Haul

Hello everyone!  I am giving you a wonderful set of Christmas clothes that I recently purchased from Walmart.  Now, I needed these clothes (like I have no Christmassy clothes).  So, why not share with you!


Number 1: The super cute ugly sweater.  It’s actually a sweatshirt, but I needed a ugly sweater for a jewelry party.  I thought this one was so cute with the little penguins on it!  Like, I might actually wear this more than once.  And it was only $8!


Number 2: These cute fleece leggings!  Now, I bought them to wear under my jeans for work because it is freezing cold when you have wet dogs rubbing against you legs.  But, I might wear them outside of work with some cute clothes…..These were only $8 as well!


Number 3: The awesome Rudolph shirt!  I saw it, and had to buy it.  And, I don’t have any casual Christmas wear. So, this shirt was added into my cart and was brought home with me!  And, it was yet again $8!  What is up with Walmart and having things for $8?

Either way, these are my new Christmas clothes!  Hopefully I can wear them and get my 8 dollars worth!


Finds and Fashions-Bingo!

Hi everyone! I am back today with another Finds and Fashions. I picked up these Bingo cards and flashcards at a huge fundraiser sale. Some history about Bingo and my family. My moms family started playing Bingo at Christmastime when she was a girl and the tradition has been going ever since. My parents and siblings and our families play it every Christmas, my girls usually have friends over for New Years and we play it then, and my mom’s family still get together at Easter and guess what we play? Bingo! So obviously I had to buy these cards! I’m not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but at some point I will come up with something!


All the little markers! My mom has purchased Bingo cards with the little window that slides open and shut, so we don’t have to worry about the markers moving or falling on the floor. One year, we were at my uncle’s house in the backyard, playing Bingo. We used whatever we could find for markers, including pinto beans. Guess what he had growing the next year in his yard?!


There was just one of these cards mixed in with the rest. I have never seen this kind before, in fact, I don’t even know how to play Bridge, but it’s kind of cool.


Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Finds and Fashions-Target Dollar Spot

Good morning! Happy Wednesday! Today my Finds and Fashions come from the Target Dollar Spot! Some of this stuff is so hard to resist! I shouldn’t be buying anything right now, because I will just have to pack it, but I just couldn’t pass these by. I know it won’t be there later, so I snatched them up.


I love this wooden platter with just the little touch of Christmas on the top. It could be used for a little tabletop vignette or to serve up some Christmas goodies. Maybe Santa’s cookies and milk!  And the little garland is the perfect little touch to add Christmas charm. I think I will put it around my little cows neck in the kitchen.


pallet rack and amelia

You know I couldn’t resist this sign! I am planning on decorating my laundry room with dog stuff, so this is the perfect addition.


What can I say? I have been a California girl my whole life! I just had to have this bag. I wonder, does Target have a different bag in each state? Probably. I also picked up the little trees you see in the corner. I don’t know if they will get used this year, but they are perfect for the little jar snow globes you see around.


That’s all the finds I have for you today! Have you found any great stuff at Target lately? Maybe a tote bag for your state?  I hope you all have a great rest of your week!