A Photo Day at the Zoo

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and Spring break.  I know that I did even though I worked.  But it was still a fun week nonetheless!

Recently I went to the zoo (again, I know) with one of my best friends Elise.  Normally, we go to play Pokemon Go.  Side note: does anyone else still play Pokemon Go?  I literally only play when I’m at the zoo with Elise.  Anyway, we decided that we wanted to go to the zoo this time to practice our photography skills.

PS-neither of us are at all professional photographers, but I love to work on my pictures.

So I wanted to share my favorite photos from the trip we took.


The peccary is one of Elise’s favorite animals.  I don’t know why, but I just see them as shaggy pigs.  But, this picture is awesome.  I love the lighting of it and this peccary was so nice to pose for me.


Next was the orangutan.  I know, there is chain link in this picture, but it still looks great!


Next is the rain forest exhibit.  There are normally 3 macaws sitting on this perch, but this time there was only one.  He doesn’t look too impressed with me taking the picture, but the colors and lighting were too perfect.

African Adventures

Now let’s make our way to Africa!


Isn’t the baby absolutely adorable!  This baby rhino looks so squishy!


Originally, I didn’t see the second wildebeest in the background.  Great photographer here!  But, it looks awesome, don’t you think?


This picture isn’t the best, but I like how the meerkat is looking at me.  Especially since he is actually looking at me!


Finally, this was my favorite picture from the entire zoo trip.  I love how this gentle giant is looking at me.  He looks so majestic and beautiful.

I hope that you like my zoo pictures.  I wish I could say that they were in the wild, but I guess the zoo will have to do.


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