Let Me Introduce You To My Town-Hanford Mall-Part 2

Last year, I found that Walmart was selling the game Hanfordopoly. It’s like Monopoly, but for my town. Well, I had to buy it! Then Lauren and I went around town and took pictures of each of the places on the game board. It was so much fun! I can’t wait to introduce you to our sweet little town and some of its history.

If you haven’t read Part 1, click here.

Today I am introducing you to the Hanford Mall. Our mall was built in 1993, after our old mall fell into disrepair. As you can see, we have some national chain stores, but we also have some smaller local stores inside the mall.

A little interesting tidbit-I worked at Big Five Sporting Goods for 7 years from the time they opened the store. I even helped set the store up at the very beginning! This mall was a big deal! There is an 8 screen movie theater, a food court and many different types of stores typical of a mall.

I’ve seen many stores come and go from the mall. Many I shopped at for my kids when they were small, like Mervyns, which JUST happened to be right next to Big 5. Also Forever 21 when my kids got older. It was a huge store that had taken over for a local department store, Gottschalks. Now Forever 21 is gone and the space has been divided up into small stores. Sears was also one of the anchor stores and now it sits empty. Our big stores now are Ross, J.C. Penny and Kohls.

I know the mall has struggled in the past and now again during the pandemic. But I think it will always be a great place to shop, or meet up with friends, or have a good meal. Do you have an indoor mall in your town? Is it large or just a small one like this one? I would love to hear about it! Thank you for coming by!

Let Me Introduce You To My Town-Part One

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