Corner News-January 30, 2016

Welcome to another edition of the Corner News.  A post where new things are presented and old news is brought back into the limelight.

In old news, I started back to school…hooray…  Only two more semesters.  Only two more semesters to go.  I am so close to being done with classes and I just want it to be over now.  But, I have now started to take my knitting to school because I have time between classes.  So, why not take my knitting?


And in new news, I am going to be starting my own blog in a few weeks.  It is called Too Small of a Closet, because in reality it’s true.  It is going to be a fashion blog and I am really excited to get it started.  I won’t be posting anything soon, but it will let you all know when the blog has posts on it.

Double Watermark

And that’s what has happened these past two weeks.  I hope you all have a great weekend and I can’t wait to see you soon!


Corner News-December 11,2015

Welcome to another edition of the Corner News.  Christmas is just around the corner and finals are upon us.  Hooray…

But on a happier note, I got myself an early Christmas present.  Even though I won’t be able to actually bring it home for a little while, it is still very exciting.

Meet Zoella!


This little bundle of joy is only 5 weeks old, but I was able to put down a deposit on her yesterday.  She is at the animal shelter that my family volunteers with, Valley Animal Haven, and she is absolutely precious!  My mom and sister were actually at the shelter when she and her two brothers were born.  And, I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her and I can’t wait to bring her home!


By the way, the first picture was taken two weeks ago and the second one was taken yesterday.  I am so excited to bring her home and watch her grow up.

So, that is definitely the most exciting thing that happened these past two weeks.  Hope everyone is doing well and if you have finals, good luck!


Corner News-December 4, 2015

You better watch out! Christmas is only a 3 weeks away! Are you ready!? I am ready for a break from preschoolers and to just be able to relax at home. This time of year at school is just so crazy!! The children’s heads are filled with Santa, Elves, presents, parties and not school!! It’s fun to see the season and excitement through their eyes.

One project I worked on last weekend was making some stockings for our furry friends. All we had were some cheap ones in red and green. They so didn’t go with my Rustic Glam decor!! 🙂 I bought some sweaters at a thrift store in colors or designs that I liked. I turned them inside out and traced one of the old stockings with a pen. Then I sewed around the stitching, except for the top opening. After it was sewed, I cut it out. I sewed it first so it wouldn’t fray. I used some of the trim from the sweater to decorate the stocking, such as buttons and pockets. I love how they look! I will add a monogram as soon as we can decide who gets which one!

sweater stockings

sweater christmas stockings

This tree is in my dining room. It’s hard to see, but it is decorated with Shiny Brite ornaments and the colors start with silver at the top, down to gold, and then to turquoise. I love it! I keep finding these ornaments at the thrift stores and I snatch them up. I have found a bunch of pink ones for Lauren too.

sweater stockings and tree

Here is my new addition to my fireplace! Oohh! I am so excited to curl up by the fire!sweater stockings fireplace

Have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday!

Sunshine and Blessings

Corner News-November 13, 2015

Welcome to the newest edition of the Corner News!  It is finally getting colder and darker here in California…unfortunately for some of us who prefer the warmer weather it isn’t that great.

But, here are some of the things that have happened these past weeks.

I want to apologize for not posting yesterday.  We thought that because there were so many blog posts this week that you MUST be getting tired of us.  Just kidding, I know you love us!  So, to let you know what I have been working on, here is a sneak peek!

Isn't this a great sneak peek?

Isn’t this a great sneak peek?

Next on the agenda, my roommate, my dad, and myself all went to a concert called Winter Jam.  It is a Christian concert and it is only $10 to get in.  The company my dad works for has a box in the stadium where the concert was held and we were blessed enough to get tickets in the booth.  It was absolutely amazing!  My favorite band, Skillet, was the main act and they were incredible.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures of Skillet, but here is a picture of Lydia and I.

Sorry for the terrible lighting

Sorry for the terrible lighting

Finally, I want to remind everyone of the giveaway that we are hosting with ParrotUncle.  And, if you don’t think that the lamp will look good in your house, maybe it will look good in someone who you know’s house.  Here is the link again for the raffle.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for stopping by for another edition of the Corner News.  Hope you have a great weekend and keep warm.


Corner News-October 30, 2015

Hello everyone and welcome to the morning before Halloween.  Do you have all the candy you need before the munchkins come knocking at your door?  If not, I’m in the same boat as you.

Here are some of the thing that have happened in the past two weeks.

1: We got a puppy!  Hooray!  Her name is Rozy Blu and she is a whippet terrier mix that is absolutely adorable.  She is three and a half months so we can’t wait to see her as she gets bigger.  The other dogs are okay with her, but the cats…not so fond of her.

Isn't she cute?

Isn’t she cute?

2: I went to a corn maze.  There is a local farm that makes a great corn maze every year and my mom and I and some of her coworkers went for fun.  The maze was shaped as the United States…and we somehow found ourselves in the Ohio/Indiana area quite a bit.  But we found all of the checkpoints, so score one for us!

This is the corn maze map.  Picture comes from Vossler Farm's website

This is the corn maze map. Picture comes from Vossler Farm’s website

3: I have the most bizarre phone tale ever.  So, I purchased a refurbished iPhone from a cell phone service back in August.  3ish weeks ago, said iPhone’s charger port imploded and I couldn’t use my phone.  I called my cell phone service to get a replacement and I received a replacement 2 weeks ago.  The night that my mom and I went to the corn maze, my phone died completely, and wouldn’t charge!  I even took it to the Apple store to see if they could replace the battery and they couldn’t.  Great.  Now, I am still out a phone and am currently in the process of purchasing a brand new iPhone 5s.  Hooray…

I hope you all had a great two weeks.  I also hope that you have a safe and fun Halloween.  Have a spooky night!