Corner News-May 21, 2016

Hello everyone.  Apologies for no blog post yesterday.  I was studying for finals and it completely slipped my mind.

So…anyway.  Onto the corner news!

I am done with finals!  Hooray!  I can now spend the entire summer working and working on blog posts and getting rid of my terrible farmer’s tan.  Yeah!


And I am having another Posh Party tomorrow!  I’m having a lot of friends over and we are going to have a nice little get together.  Hopefully I can get more stuff posted and ready to sell.  I am excited to have friends over to just have fun and hang out.  It will be nice and relaxing to have people over.

So, that’s what has been and will be happening.  I hope that you all have a great weekend and I will post more about the party on Friday!


Corner News-April 23, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the Corner News!  We have some very exciting news to present from this week!

Beware, this may be slightly gruesome…sorry.

I was at work (I work at a pet boarding facility) and took out a dog to play in a one on one session.  This dog was very mouthy, and tried to bite my arms constantly.  I got very annoyed, and tried to get the dog to lay down to calm down.  Unfortunately, the dog kept going for my arms and chewed them up.

And this was the result.

Left ArmRight Arm FrontRight Arm BackLeg

My arms are pretty beat up.  I am very bruised and it hurts to do certain things: like carry a purse on my arm instead of my shoulder, sleep (because I sleep on my sides and like to have my arm under a pillow), and cross my arms.  My legs got a little damage, but nothing like my arms.

And the dog?  All workers were informed to be aware and be careful when taking him out.

My Cabbages! - Imgur

Moral of the story: Be Careful !


Corner News-April 9, 2016

Hello!  And welcome to another edition of the Corner News.  I hope you all liked the video yesterday, because I worked very hard on it.  Anyways, onto the actual blog post.

First thing on the agenda, some new fashion things!

Old Navy Shirts

I bought these three shirts, which are all identical, from Old Navy for $5 a piece.  They are extremely comfortable and nice to wear with anything.  I have worn them with shorts, capris, scarves, jewelry, or no accessories.  If I could wear them everyday, I probably would.

Second, a new piece of reading material.

Leaving Time Edit

I love Jodie Picoult books.  They always keep me on my toes and make me want to keep reading.  My coworker is letting me borrow her book so that I can keep reading.  This is Picoult’s newest book and I can’t wait to get started on it.

So, that’s what has happened this week.  I hope that you enjoyed this edition of the Corner News and we will see you next Monday!


Corner News-March 26, 2016

Hello!  And welcome to another edition of the Corner News.  It is getting close to the end of spring break (can it last another two months?) and the weather is changing.

Since Easter is tomorrow, I am sharing what I am wearing.  I purchased this coral Forever 21 dress back in November from the clearance rack.  I love the accents on the straps and that there are pockets.  I can’t wait to actually wear it for an occasion and not have it just sit in my closet.

Full DressClose up dress

Second thing on the docket: since Zoella has turned into mom’s dog (boo hoo), I have adopted another dog.  I had my eye on my dog, Karli, since she entered the shelter back in October of 2014.  I thought that she would be adopted right away, but she sat at VAH until February of 2016, when I adopted her.  I take her to work everyday and have a lot of fun living with her.  She is such a goof and can be a brat, but I love her all the same.

Here is Karli, wearing bunny ears and a boa for the Easter pictures at work.  Doesn’t she look adorable?

Karli pic

And, I also found the cutest dog bed for her. Not only is it better than the bed that I made for her (which was two pillows that I sewed a pillowcase around) and it even matches my room.  Karli enjoys the new bed much more that the original bed.

Karli Bed

Well, that is it.  This has been another edition of the Corner News.  I hope you enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see you next week!


Corner News-February 27, 2016

Hello and welcome to another exciting and compelling edition of the corner news!  Prepare yourself for some life changing stories and pictures worth 1000 words!

Or, you know, just another regular corner news works too.


I have a Poshmark account.  Now, it is under my fashion blogs name, 2smallofacloset, but you are more than welcome to browse through my items.  I don’t have that much right now, but soon!  Soon I will have more items posted for people to look at.

If you don’t know what Poshmark is, it is a app that you download for free and you can buy and sell name brand items.  You can sell everything from Forever 21 to UGG Australia, basic tank top to quilted leather boots.  And items are being sold at a great price.  I purchased a pair of Torrid shorts for $15 when they are originally $40!  And they are exactly how the seller described them.  You can follow my closet and start your own if you are interested!

Dog Sign

The second thing I want to show you is the adorable sign.  I bought this while in Hawaii (yes, I know…it’s not really Hawaiian).  But it think that it is absolutely perfect for my family.  It’s hanging in my room as a reminder of how important dogs are in my life.

And that’s the news!  I know, not too exciting, but still interesting.  Hope you all have a great weekend!