Recycled Door Beverage Station

Good morning! Do you have anything special going on in your area? We are having some nicer warm weather now. I think we finally have the wind and rain behind us now. I will be heading to the zoo this week with our school. We have never gone as a whole school before, so that should be interesting. We are also inching closer to our second Disney vacation! This was our Christmas gift to the girls and we will be heading over next week. I’m excited to see everything going on with Pixar Fest! Today I have a previous post for you, so enjoy!

So, what does a ruined door and a few pieces of wood make? A Beverage Station! I saw this idea last year on the blog, Finding Home, and knew I wanted to make one!

DIY Upcycled Outdoor Beverage Bar Station

Upcycled Outdoor Beverage Bar Station-Finding Home

Almost 2 years ago, one of the houses in my neighborhood had a fire. Nobody was in it at the time and it had a lot of damage. Later, it was gutted. I found this door in the alley after the fire. It had some slight burn marks, lots of soot, and some cracks in it from being broken down, but I took it anyways. One mans trash…right?!

Door and Wood

Here you can see the door, sort of. We had to put a couple of braces on the areas where it was cracked and fill in places with spackle, but paint will cover that later. Here’s another view.

Another view

I used old cupboard knobs for feet. I wanted it a little above the grounds so it wouldn’t sit in any water and get rotten. The knobs are attached to the bottom shelf of the station.

Knob feet

I bought the spindles at a craft show last summer, just for this project. It only took a year to get to it! I took a piece of shelving and my husband screwed it into the spindle. We did this for all 4 of them. We also screwed the spindles into the bottom shelf.

Attaching the spindles

Here are the two shelves and the spindles, all attached.

old door beverage bar-homeonthecorner

We added another deeper shelf above this one for large containers of drinks. I was going to add one more small shelf on top, but I had this old metal piece from a screen door, so I hung that on instead. I screwed cup hooks in the door and just hung the metal piece. I can always change it later if I so desire!

All together

Now for the fun of painting! I borrowed a neighbor’s paint sprayer and sprayed on primer after covering the spindle legs with paper. The sprayer worked great, but when I went to try it for the paint it wouldn’t work!! Not sure what happened, but I had to brush paint the color on. I used the Barely White from Lauren’s room (trying to use what I already have).


And here it is! All freshly painted! I added the metal piece back on and I also painted the shelf with chalkboard paint. I figured I could label the drinks or food when I place it on the shelf! I also remembered I had an old doorknob and hardware. I spray painted them black and added them where the old deadbolt had been.

It's Finished!

I added some old signs and other decorations for now.

Old Signs


Old Door Beverage station-homeonthecorner

One More View

I can’t wait to be able to use this! We plan on using it as a ‘Candy Bar’ for Haley’s upcoming graduation and drinks for other parties and get-together’s. I’m excited to see how many different ways this can be used!

Here are a few updated pictures. I now have this piece in my entryway. I painted the legs white and added a black metal box under the shelf. I love decorating it for each season!

painted entryway decor

Travel theme entry way

christmas 2017 entryway silver and gold welcome

Have you ever recycled something old into something new? I would love to hear about it! I hope you all have a great week!


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Recap of 2015-Our First Year of Blogging

I can hardly believe it’s been almost a year since Lauren and I started this blog! There have been many days of frustration when we can’t figure out how something works, but there have also been many exciting days along the way. Thank you so much to all our followers! It’s always great to hear from so many of you and make new friends along the way! We look forward to some new and exciting stuff in 2016!

Today is Recap Day! Let’s see what were the 10 top posts of 2015!

10. Thrift Store Medallion Makeover

This was the first time I used Antique Wax on a project and I love how it turned out.

metal medallion fall decor

 9.  The Drama In Our Backyard

Spring Time! This was quite an adventure!

Daddy is watching!

8. Old Door Beverage/Candy Station

We have used this Door Beverage station quite a lot. It’s a great way to add a little vintage charm to your backyard or patio!

old door beverage staion-homeonthecorner

7. Recycled Pallet Table

Love, love, love this table! It really wasn’t something planned, but it turned out great!

deck pallet coffee table 2

6. Corner News-December 11, 2015

Awww! I don’t have to say anything else!


5. Fabulous Vintage Beverage Cart Makeover

This was a great garage sale find! It’s fun to use outdoors in the summer, but also indoors. Right now I am using it for a hot chocolate station.

Retro Beverage Cart

4. We Went Junking (and some other shopping too)

This was a fun day! Just love this truck!!

I want this!!!

3. My Beachy Spring Decorating

Funny how things change in my house so quickly! I don’t even have this shelf anymore! This spring decorating will look quite different.


2. Paper Pinecone Christmas Ornament

I joined an ornament exchange this past year and it was so fun! I loved seeing what everyone else was doing and coming up with something special for my fellow blogger.

Christmas Ornament Exchange

1. Recovering My Outdoor Swing Cushions (I Cheated a Little)

Wow! Number one! Is it because I admitted I had cheated? Anyways, I love how the swing turned out and love that I didn’t have to use a sewing machine!!

swinging chair 21

Wow! That’s a great list and we will have to stay very busy this year to keep up!

The most popular post?

No surprise here! Not with this cute little face! She will be coming home very soon!


Thank you so much for a wonderful 2015 and we can’t wait to see what 2016 has for us!

sparkle                                      Sunshine and Blessings