Steps to Painting Farmhouse Chairs with a Brush

Happy summer! I have so many projects to do!  Eeekkk! One at a time, right?

So I started with my kitchen chairs. I have the chairs that actually belong to my grandma’s table, but they were getting so much use, I didn’t want them to get too worn out. So when the girls were young, we bought 6 oak ones at a liquidation store. Nothing fancy, just something to have around the table. But by now, they were pretty worn too. Paint time!

Kitchen chair makeover

I know there are lots of different ways to paint and products to use, but I thought I would share what works for me. This time I used just a good old brush and can of paint. I am going to try chalk paint next time and I would like to try a sprayer too, just sayin’!

I cleaned up the chairs, removing dust and any leftover food. I find it easiest to turn the chairs upside down so I can make sure all the underneath is primered and painted well. I didn’t sand this time, and the primer seemed to hold pretty well.

kitchen chair makeover paint underside

There are hundreds of different primers out there, but Kilz is the one I like the best. It goes on thick and covers really well. I have never had any problems with it not adhering or peeling off.

kitchen chair makeover Kilz pimer

After the underside of the chairs was dry, I turned them over and primered the top. Be sure to let all the coats dry before starting a new one. I painted just one coat of primer on all the chairs.

kitchen chair makeover primered

As you can see, I had a very curious kitty come by to see what I was doing! I debated about leaving the pawprints because they looked so cute, but I did end up painting over them. The kitty does still have paint on her ear though!

kitchen chair makeover kitty pawprints

Once all the primer was dry, it was time for the paint! I followed the some pattern as with the primer. Turn the chairs over and start underneath. When it’s dry, paint the top. I used Orchard Supply brand paint, Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White. I did paint a second coat of the paint, but I purposely did not do complete coverage.

kitchen chair makeover painted cloud white

I wanted the chairs to have more of a farmhouse look to them. A little worn. Plus I don’t have to worry if the dogs or cats do a little scratching on them.

kitchen chair makeover farmhouse

Again, wait for everything to dry and then add a protective finish over the whole chair. I used Minwax Water Based Polycrylic Finish. It goes on very smoothly and dries quickly. It’s not tacky to the touch and it cleans up great.

kitchen chair makeover minwax polycrylic finish

They are all ready to sit at the table again! I love the white! What a difference! I have 2 more to paint and then the farmhouse table. I am going to do the table with chalk paint. I will let you know how that goes!


So fresh and clean! I think Ezzy likes them too!

kitchen chair makeover white farmhouse

I will see you next time with the table! Have a great week!

Sunshine and Blessings

7 thoughts on “Steps to Painting Farmhouse Chairs with a Brush

  1. Pat says:

    I have similar chairs for our dining room, dear one!
    I’ve thought about painting them, but they go well with another table on the lower level of our home, so, I’ve kept the golden oak finish.
    I’ll be watching for the table you paint.
    If I don’t paint my Dining Room Table this Autumn, then I’ll probably replace it. . .and the chairs, too!
    Thank you for sharing the product you’ve used.
    I prefer Sherwin~Williams paint. However, yours looks amazing!
    The kitty paw prints made me smile!
    Visiting from Grace at Home!


  2. tarahlynn says:

    I just handed painted a couple of chairs like this and, honestly, I was thinking the whole time, “I really need to get myself a paint sprayer!” lol but the truth is when you hand paint them it does create a different finish that is so pretty! Your chairs look awesome!


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