Finds and Fashions-Little Girl Treasures

Happy Hump Day! Now that I am off for the summer, sometimes it is hard to remember what day it is! I almost forgot to post something today, and it’s not really a Finds and Fashions, but it will have to do!

I have been going through my cupboards, drawers, closets and other spaces like crazy! I have boxes and boxes for the yard sale my mom and I have every summer. While going through the kitchen cupboards I found these. I decided to ‘gift’ them to my niece and her little girls. I remember how fun it was to make your own popsicles and they can use the cookie cutters for cookies (duh!) or playdough, which the 3 year old loves!

popsicle makers and cookie cutters

I also had this Minnie Mouse house. Not in the kitchen! I found it at Goodwill quite awhile ago, stuck it in a closet, and forgot about it. My Great-niece E. absolutely love Minnie!

Minnie Mouse House

She has a ton of these little characters at home, but I added another Minnie and Pluto. The refrigerator and cupboard under the sink even open.

Minnie Mouse and Pluto

I did pick up some items at the Dollar Tree too.  I thought the Frozen Sticker set was cute. The stickers are movable, so you can create different scenes. There is Princess bubbles, 2 pink ponies, and sponges that you soak in water and they expand to make animals. The last 2 things were also part of my cleaning out. The Ariel mirror was Haley’s when she was little and she played with it a lot. It also had a brush and comb, but those didn’t survive. I had the two clip magnets in my craft stuff. I thought the girls could paint or even use markers to decorate them, maybe for Father’s Day!

Little Girl Treasures

So those are my treasures for this week! I will try not to forget what day it is next time!! Have a great week!

Sunshine and Blessings

Upcycle A Clementine Box Into A Doll Bed

A long, long time ago, I wanted to be a princess-for Halloween. Isn’t that most little girls dreams? It was kindergarten. I wore a long purple dress and my shoes were covered in tin foil in order to make them shiny. There were no sparkly shoes at Target back then :). Such simple times.

My little, now 3 year old, niece, loves Minnie Mouse. She has loved her since she was one years old. So I created something special for all her Minnie Mouse dolls.

I had several of these clementine boxes. I have used some in my classroom, but still had a few left over. Who better to give them to, but my sweet little niece!

Upcycle clementine box

I first spray painted them, one white and one pink. I didn’t find Minnie Mouse print material that I liked, so I went with black with large white polka-dots and pink with little white polka-dots. I found some Minnie Mouse ribbon and some black/white polka dot ribbon to go around each bed.

Upcycle clementine box painted

My disclaimer: I am not a seamstress. Please don’t think I really knew what I was doing. Besides, I had help. Lauren. She is much better than I am. My directions will be very simple and I am sure, not very complete. Just try to play along :).

I cut a piece of foam for the mattress and cut my material to fit around plus a couple inches extra. I wanted to make it like a pillow sham pillow case, with the opening in the back. This was so it could be washed if needed. I folded over a bit of the edges of the fabric, ironed and pinned. Lauren sewed.

upcycle clementine box fabric

We also made a quilt for each bed. We used both fabrics so it could be reversible. After sewing up 3 sides, we filled it with quilt batting and then sewed up the fourth side. Lauren also sewed an ‘X’ across the top so it would wash up better, if needed.

upcycle clementine box mattress

I love the polka-dots!

upcycle clementine box quilt

We also sewed a pillow for each one using fabric that was left over. It is just a large rectangle, sewn all around the edges, leaving a little space open for stuffing. After we stuffed it, we stitched up the opening. I also added some ribbon around the outside of the box and a narrow black ribbon along the top edges.

upcycle clementine box stacked

They turned out so cute!

upcycle clementine box doll beds

She has so many Minnie Mouse dolls, she probably needs lots of these, but hopefully Minnie will share!

upcycle clementine box doll bed pink dots

These would be great gifts for little ones on your list! They could be made for both boys and girls, depending on the type of fabric that is used.

upcycle clementine doll bed black dots

upcycle clementine box bed set

My niece absolutely adored these! She already had a Minnie tucked in at her birthday party! I would love to see yours if you decide to make one!

Have a great week!