Finds and Fashions-Little Girl Treasures

Happy Hump Day! Now that I am off for the summer, sometimes it is hard to remember what day it is! I almost forgot to post something today, and it’s not really a Finds and Fashions, but it will have to do!

I have been going through my cupboards, drawers, closets and other spaces like crazy! I have boxes and boxes for the yard sale my mom and I have every summer. While going through the kitchen cupboards I found these. I decided to ‘gift’ them to my niece and her little girls. I remember how fun it was to make your own popsicles and they can use the cookie cutters for cookies (duh!) or playdough, which the 3 year old loves!

popsicle makers and cookie cutters

I also had this Minnie Mouse house. Not in the kitchen! I found it at Goodwill quite awhile ago, stuck it in a closet, and forgot about it. My Great-niece E. absolutely love Minnie!

Minnie Mouse House

She has a ton of these little characters at home, but I added another Minnie and Pluto. The refrigerator and cupboard under the sink even open.

Minnie Mouse and Pluto

I did pick up some items at the Dollar Tree too.  I thought the Frozen Sticker set was cute. The stickers are movable, so you can create different scenes. There is Princess bubbles, 2 pink ponies, and sponges that you soak in water and they expand to make animals. The last 2 things were also part of my cleaning out. The Ariel mirror was Haley’s when she was little and she played with it a lot. It also had a brush and comb, but those didn’t survive. I had the two clip magnets in my craft stuff. I thought the girls could paint or even use markers to decorate them, maybe for Father’s Day!

Little Girl Treasures

So those are my treasures for this week! I will try not to forget what day it is next time!! Have a great week!

Sunshine and Blessings

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