Fun Ideas To Do With Seashells

Good morning! Do you collect seashells like I do? Last week I showed you my new storage box I made for my collection.

seashell box makeover turquoise letters

I also made a seashell mobile to hang in my yard.

boho seashell mobile hanging outside

I’ve used them quite a bit in my decorating too!

family room bookshelves sea urchins

I even made a seashell garland!

dining room refresh seashell garland

So what else can you make? I found some more ideas around the internet.

Shells can help keep your houseplants happy. By placing seashells on top of the soil, they helps to keep the moisture in the flower pot.

Of course, you can also decorate your flower pot.

Deep shells are perfect for planting succulents in. These are the cutest!

DIY Sea Urchin Succulent Planters- A lovely natural way to display your succulents is in sea urchin shells! Here is how to turn a bunch of empty shells into lovely DIY sea urchin succulent planters! This is such an easy craft, and the end result works great with beach themed decor! | indoor gardening, ways to decorate with succulents, #DIY #craft #succulent #beach

How about using a large open shell to hold your little items next to your bed? I love the gold on these!

This is so simple, I don’t know why I haven’t thought of it! A nightlight!

I made a garland, but not a wind-chime. this is so pretty!

DIY Seashell & Bead Wind Chime - #coastaldecor #beadwindchime #seashellprojects #diywindchime #seashellwindchime

Are you going to try any of these projects! The night-light is my first one! Have a great week!


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Corner News-September 17, 2016

House update: Our house is sold!!! It only took 4 days and we were even offered a little bit more than what we put in on the market for! Now we just have to have everything else go smoothly and that part will be done. We have been looking at houses to buy too and boy, is it tiring and overwhelming! There are so many different aspects to look at, sometimes my brain goes on overload. I know the right one will come along, hopefully sooner, than later!

Last weekend, Haley had a friend visiting from Florida, and since my brain was tired, we spent the day along the coast. We live about 2 hours from the coast, so it makes a nice day-trip. coastal-views

It was overcast and slightly foggy, but we could still wear shorts and t-shirts. Perfect! We walked a trail along some cliffs that took us to some areas with tide-pools.


Beautiful wildflowers along the way.


Unfortunately, the tide was still pretty high, even at low-tide, so we weren’t able to see too much sea life. But it was still nice to hear the sounds of the sea and smell the salt air.


We combed through the rocks and shells and found plenty to bring home.


It was so nice to get away for even just a little bit. I hope you enjoyed this little picture get-away too! Have a wonderful weekend!


Toolbox Restyle-Blue Coastal Style

Hello! How was your weekend? We spent Friday night watching our local Triple A baseball team play, Saturday was a catch-up on blogging day and Sunday, I volunteered at the shelter after church. I would say it was successful!

I also worked on this Toolbox Restyle. As you know, I love the coastal and beachy style. And Lauren is kind of moving that way too when she moves into another place. She made this toolbox years ago as part of a 4-H Woodworking project. I have mostly used it outdoors with candles and such, but decided to fix it up for her to use in her new place. In the meantime, I get to enjoy it in my living room!

Toolbox makeover restyle title

I cleaned the box up and gave it a good polish and then wound some rope around the handle. I secured the ends with a little hot glue.

Tool Box MakeoverTool Box Makeover with roper

Next, I searched around the house for a few things to fill it with. I tried to add a little bit of navy blue, since that seems to be what Lauren is moving towards.

Tool Box makeover styled

I found this old paper spool of ribbon in Lauren’s stash. It had pink lace on it. I removed the lace and wrapped white and silver ribbon on it instead. I love the old spool!

Toolbox makeover ribbon spool

This bowl had been green. I liked the design and the shape, but not the color, so I spray-painted it white. I added some white rocks to the bottom, ‘planted’ the (faux) succulents and added a little garland of seashells. The bowl was the perfect fit for the middle section.

toolbox makeover succulents

I didn’t get a picture of the mason jar, but it hold some seashells and rocks Lauren had been saving. I covered the top of the lid with some scrapbooking paper.

This candle holder was purchased by my mom from Goodwill. It came in a set of three and I liked the height in the back of the box. Lauren and I talked about possibly cutting the little part off the top so she could use a pillar candle instead.

toolbox makeover candlestick

I found this block of wood in our wood stash and added some burlap and navy blue ribbon. A blue candle is perfect for the top and the block fit perfectly in the toolbox.

toolbox makeover wood block

There are so many different uses for this box. This would be great to change out for the different seasons too!

toolbox makeover spool, plants candlestoolbox makeover closeup

I’m glad I was able to do something with a piece of art Lauren made so many years ago. It will make a great conversation piece in her new place!

Want to see more coastal decor? Click on the pictures below!

dining room refresh driftwood bowl seashell garland      boho seashell mobile clam, snail   seashell speciman frame crab   Board with

Sunshine and Blessings