This is the story of a chair.  A chair that we don’t know its whole life story.  A piece of furniture that isn’t a huge statement piece or something that people would awe over if they found it at a yard sale.

Unless…that person was me.


Before the Extreme Makeover

It was just another Saturday when my mom and I went on another one of our journey’s to the local garage sales in town.  We were just about done when we stopped at one more place.  And at this garage sale, was this little chair.

This chair was nothing special.  It was just a wooden folding chair.  But, it had a past.  We will never know what it went through before I bought it, but what I know is that now it is safe.  It is in my care and I will now make sure that it lives a good life as a chair.


The seat doesn’t look too good at the start of the project.

This chair had a few nicks and scratches, but overall it looked pretty good.  It folded well, it was comfortable, it was a chair. When I saw this chair, I knew that I could give it a new life.  When it came home, I gave it a good sanding down to make it more even on all of the surfaces.  I was able to get some of the nicks out of the wood, but because of the condition of the chair, I planned on painting it instead.  I knew that I was going to paint it white because that would go with anything.


The new finish on the chair.

The white looked amazing!  This turned the sad chair that didn’t have a bright future into a chair with a lot of hope.  This chair now looks like it belongs in a house and someone should sit in it.

Except that it doesn’t have a cushion…yet.

I picked a black and white fabric from my miniature Joann’s store to use as the cushion.  It is a universal fabric that doesn’t only fit with one style.  This fabric would make a wonderful cushion on this lovely chair.


This fabric is universal so it can be used in any room

I took an old chair cushion that we had in our newly organized shed and cut it open to use the padding that was inside.  After cutting it down to size to fit on the seat of my chair, I added my fabric to cover the seat.

I did something tricky with the cushion.  When I was putting the cushion on the chair, I stapled the fabric on the front and back of the seat.  I did this so that the cushion was semi permanent.  Once I put the padding under the fabric, I was able to hot glue the other two edges down to the seat so the fabric was now hidden and stuck on chair.

And Voila!  The chair now has a new life!


The finished product! A breath of fresh air

The chair now has a new life that it can live.  Love was poured into giving this chair a new life and it turned out beautiful.  It took a little time, but it was totally worth it.

Now…to find it a new home in mom’s house…

Love, Lauren

8 thoughts on “THE NEW LIFE OF A CHAIR

  1. Erlene says:

    Nice makeover and great way to not have the cushion move all over the place. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday and hope to see you link up again tonight at 6pm PST.


  2. Lou Lou Girls says:

    I absolutely love this! Pinned and tweeted. Thank you so much for bringing such a masterpiece to our party. I hope to see you tomorrow at 7 pm. We can’t wait to party with you! Lou Lou Girls


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