Sweets for the Sweeties

Hi everyone! February is almost here and hearts are everywhere! My co-workers and I have a Secret Sister exchange every year for the week of Valentines. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to get to know someone a little better and create a nice work environment.  We fill out little forms about our likes and interests, then pick names and the week before Valentines Day, we secretly leave little gifts for them.  So, I always try to come up with something special and homemade, at least for one of the days.

My girls and I went to Starbucks this past week and Haley bought a sandwich that came in this cute little box.  I asked her to keep it so I could try to make it pretty! The first step was picking out some Valentine paper. I had these on hand, but you can find lots of different prints and styles at craft stores. I also used a paper cutter, since I can’t cut a straight line at all!


I cut the paper long enough to fit around the sides of the box and overlap the front and back a little, plus go into the inside of the box.


I glued the sides on and then cut a slit in each corner, diagonally from the corner of the paper to the corner of the box, so I could fold the paper around and into the inside of the box.


Cut off the triangle that is left after folding. Glue down all your edges.



Now measure out another piece of your paper to fit over the back, front and lid of your box. I laid mine on the paper and marked with a pencil how wide the piece needed to be. Cut this out.


I cut off the little square that was on the bottom corner of the box opening and then traced the opening on the back side of the paper I just cut.  Cut the rectangle out so it will match the opening on the box.


Once the opening is cut out, wrap the paper around the box, gluing in place.


All nice and pretty! Now to add an embellishment.


I cut out one large heart in white glitter paper and a smaller heart in pink glitter. I glued the small one on top of the larger one and then glued them over the opening on the front of the box.


Ta da! All pretty and ready to add something sweet! I added a little bit of pink and white polka-dot tissue and a yummy chocolate chip bar is nestled inside.




I will make some decorated heart shaped sugar cookies to give to my Secret Sister when the time comes, but this sure looks delicious!!

I tried to explain the cutting as well as I could, but it does sound a little confusing so please email me if you have any questions about the directions. Have fun!

Sunshine and Blessings,  Pam

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